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Anxiety, Self Worth, Eating Disorders, Depression, Spirituality, Relationship Instability, Mood Disorders & Shame

Connection and growth are two basic needs I believe most of us crave. I am passionate about helping people meet these needs so they can experience satisfaction, meaning and joy in their lives. My approach pulls from several theories including client-centered, relational, and strengths-based. I value the impact of one’s culture and life circumstances all while recognizing the importance of one’s relationships and sense of belonging. Additionally, I believe safe relationships bring upon change. I strive to provide an atmosphere of respect, warmth, and non-judgment to foster unconditional regard and deeper understanding. I also strive to promote positive changes in the lives of the individuals that I work with. I work to empower clients with a variety of strategies including effective emotional expression, coping skills, and value congruent living. Lastly, I believe MY purpose in life is to create a safe and open-minded space for individuals who are wishing to explore, expand upon or address issues related to their faith and spirituality.

I studied clinical psychology at the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago. While at Adler, I was fortunate enough to train in a variety of settings including community mental health centers for marginalized populations, an Illinois Department of Corrections work release program, and prominent college counseling centers such as Northwestern and Indiana University. I have seven years of experience working with adults, young adults, teens and their families at intensive levels of care including both Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Programs treating individuals with eating disorders, mood and anxiety, trauma, and co-occurring disorders. I am trained in several evidence-based practices including DBT, ACT, and Exposure Response Prevention.

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