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Michaela Gold, Counseling Associate

Michaela Gold, Counseling Associate


Location: Lemont, Naperville

Peri-Natal / Post-Partum, Relationship Issues, Sexual Difficulties

Meet Michaela, a Master’s student from Bradley University who loves learning and educating herself to provide the best possible treatment to every individual and relationship that comes into her care. She specializes in sexual difficulties, relationship issues, pre/peri postnatal issues, divorce, LGBTQ+ issues, men’s issues, and women’s issues. She values building a strong therapeutic alliance with individuals, couples, and families of any age.

Michaela sees her clients as the experts in their own lives. Her therapeutic approach is humanistic and based in narrative therapy. This approach helps clients deconstruct problems, see themselves separate from those problems, and understand how those problems might help or protect them. Her treatment style is a blend of mindfulness and strength-based therapies. She helps her clients identify the things that are within their control and the things that are not. Clients can discover their strengths and values, embrace this perspective to change thought patterns, and finally rewrite their life story to reflect the person they truly are. 

Michaela’s own strengths as a therapist stem from the experiences she has had in her own life. With a BA in Psychology, a minor in Gender Studies, and three years of experience as a Crisis Intervention Counselor for survivors of sexual assault, her areas of specialty intersect with topics that are close to her heart. Her non-judgemental and friendly attitude helps facilitate difficult conversations by providing caring acceptance. 

Outside of counseling, Michaela enjoys spending time with her family and pets as well as making time for reading, cooking, yoga, and bartending. 

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Peri-Natal / Post-Partum
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