Anxiety Counseling Frankfort

Anxiety Counseling Frankfort

Anxiety Counseling in Frankfort, IL

Anxiety is a condition that often goes undiagnosed, yet affects thousands of Americans. While occasional anxiety and stress is a common part of life, constant anxiety, anxiety that is unreasonable, or/and anxiety that affects your quality of life is not, and should be dealt with in an effective way. At Counseling Works, we believe that seeking anxiety counseling in Frankfort, IL can be one step along the journey to improving your happiness, sense of control over your own life, and your overall quality of life. To learn more about our anxiety counseling services in Frankfort and how we can help, please reach out to us today.

What Is Anxiety?

As explained by the National Institute of Mental Health, those with generalized anxiety disorder display excessive anxiety or worry most days for at least six months’ time. This anxiety may be in regards to a number of different things, such as one’s personal life, work, or health. Signs of generalized anxiety include:

Sometimes, anxiety can cause other physical symptoms, such as headaches and stomach aches, a racing heart, sweating, and more, as well. 

In addition to generalized anxiety disorder, described above, a person may have one or more types of specific anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety, separation anxiety, or a specific phobia. 

Coping with Anxiety – Anxiety Counseling in Frankfort, IL Can Help

Anxiety can be a significant barrier to living a normal and healthy life. Many people with anxiety may try to avoid people or situations that cause anxiety or may suffer from other conditions–such as depression–as a result of their anxiety. Rather than simply accepting that you are a “high-stress” individual or trying to live with your anxiety on your own, seeking help can be easy and effective. At Counseling Works, we offer anxiety counseling in Frankfort, IL and surrounding areas that can help you to regain control and live the life that you want. 

We believe that anxiety disorders are very manageable, and with the proper tools, you can start managing your anxiety more effectively today. Our therapists can help you by:

Schedule Your Anxiety Counseling in Frankfort Today

Living with anxiety can be tough, and can feel like an endless cycle from which you will never escape. But you can control your anxiety and your life – our therapists can help. To learn more about our Frankfort anxiety counseling services and strategies for managing your stress, please reach out to our office online or by phone today. Anxiety counseling in Frankfort, IL can be the first step towards a more positive, healthy future.

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