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Anxiety Counseling Near Me

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems. In some circumstances, anxiety can be beneficial in small amounts, but letting your worries consume your mind makes living your day-to-day life a challenge. If you can’t seem to relax no matter what you do, you may be wondering, “Where can I find anxiety counseling near me?” A therapist at Counseling Works offers the support you need. 

Counseling Works Provides the Best Anxiety Counseling Near Me  

Opening up to someone about your struggles can be challenging since vulnerability doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Fortunately, you’ll feel comfortable with our friendly team of therapists. We are empathetic to your challenges and provide patience, understanding, and advice when you need it the most. Furthermore, we protect your right to privacy. Our sessions are confidential and take place in a private, calm atmosphere. 

Our anxiety therapy services are effective for people of all ages. Whether you are looking for therapy for yourself or for your child, therapy is an invaluable tool for anyone facing anxiety. What makes the Counseling Works team stand out is our dedication to you. We are completely dedicated to helping you overcome the challenges that prevent you from fully living your life. With our help, you’ll develop coping skills that you’ll appreciate for a lifetime.

Signs You May Have Anxiety

It’s normal to feel nervous sometimes, especially when the nerves are circumstantial. For example, many people feel nervous during public speaking or before an important event like a wedding. However, you may have anxiety if your worry is excessive or all-consuming. People with anxiety generally experience:

  • Overwhelming fear that prevents them from taking action
  • An inability to “shut off” their mind
  • A range of physical symptoms, including headaches, sweating, hyperventilation, trembling, etc. 
  • Irrational fears and a focus on the “what ifs”
  • Self-doubt and low self esteem

What to Expect During Anxiety Counseling

We make counseling easy. From start to finish, our office keeps the process running smoothly. We schedule your appointment for a time that’s most convenient, as we understand that a busy lifestyle is sometimes a hurdle towards getting treatment. Finding the time to visit a therapist can be hard, so our goal is to make therapy accessible. We are happy to discuss insurance coverage with you as well. 

Your first visit is an intake appointment, which functions as a “get to know you” time. According to the information you provide, we’ll match you with a therapist that’s most suitable to your needs. From then on, you’ll visit your therapist once a week for as long as needed. 

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Counseling Works is dedicated to helping each of our patients live their lives to the fullest. Our therapists provide the guidance you need to overcome your anxiety. If you ever wonder to yourself, “Where can I find anxiety counseling near me?” know that our supportive team is here for you. Call or message us today to schedule your appointment. Our therapists look forward to working with you!


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