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Life is filled with ups and downs, and sometimes, we don’t feel prepared to handle those changes. Anxiety is a normal reaction when faced with a stressor, such as a major life transition or an unexpected event. Feelings of anxiety can be beneficial in small amounts. But when those feelings are prolonged or more severe than what the situation calls for, you may have an anxiety disorder. Know that this condition can often be successfully managed with anxiety counseling. Tinley Park residents can talk to our team at Counseling Works for support. 

What Are the Symptoms of Anxiety?

Anxiety affects both the body and mind. Some individuals experience panic attacks, or episodes of severe anxiety that trigger the fight or flight response. You may tremble, hyperventilate and have a pounding heart. For others, anxiety is a feeling of constant apprehension. You might constantly overthink your actions, or you might avoid certain situations or people entirely. These behaviors can feed into anxiety, causing a loop that’s hard to break. 

If you aren’t sure whether what you’re struggling with is anxiety, consider these questions:

  • Are you unable to focus on anything except what’s worrying you? 
  • Do you have the desire to disconnect from everything around you?
  • Do your thoughts feel uncontrollable or that they are racing?
  • Are you often irritable, tired or distracted? 
  • Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep, or do you sleep too much?

Symptoms of anxiety can be relatively mild, or they can alter how you function in your everyday life. You may be left feeling physically and mentally exhausted as a result and find it hard to enjoy activities you once loved. That’s why managing anxiety is imperative to a happy life. Lowering your stress levels and challenging the way you think can support better self-awareness and an ability to reign in your thoughts before they become overwhelming. 

Reasons to Choose Therapy for Anxiety

Therapy is one of the most effective tools for anxiety. Many forms of anxiety are related to unhelpful thought patterns, which then affect how we feel and behave. By addressing unhelpful thoughts, you’ll actively work towards a healthier mindset. A few examples of what therapy will cover include: 

  • Identify situations, people and thoughts that trigger your anxiety
  • Find effective methods to cope when you encounter these triggers
  • Reframe problems and strategize how you will handle obstacles
  • Face fears head-on and mitigate avoidance behaviors
  • Discuss your concerns in a safe space 
  • Determine underlying causes of anxiety, such as trauma

The skills you learn in therapy are something you’ll have with you for the rest of your life, and you can rely on what you’ve learned in the future. After all, we can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to those situations. 

Are You Ready to Start Anxiety Counseling? Tinley Park Patients Can Call Today

Untreated anxiety can begin to make every day a challenge. Fortunately, talking to a therapist at Counseling Works is one of the best ways to manage anxiety. Through anxiety counseling, Tinley Park patients can thrive as they learn to cope with their thoughts and feelings. Contact us for an intake appointment. 


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