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Have you and your significant other talked and finally decided couples counseling may be the ticket to improve your relationship? Studies prove that a neutral third party, like a trained couples counseling therapist, can provide the added dimension you both need to get to the root of your issues.

Many couples seek couples counseling after a devastating event, like finding out about infidelity or filing for bankruptcy. However, these events are typically just the catalyst that brought them to couples counseling. Often, the couple needs to find better communication techniques to use to talk about sex, money, life-changing events, and everything else that is told about between them.

Strengthen Your Relationship with Communication Skills during Couples Counseling

Now that the two of you have made up your mind and you are going to try couples counseling, the one area that most likely will see improvement in both your communication skills. A lot of us think we know how to talk to one another effectively because we have been talking for years. Unfortunately, this is a misnomer. The couples counseling therapists at Counseling Works near Aurora will work with both parties to effectively communicate with each other.

In couples counseling, one of the main objectives will be improving communication. Here are a few communication tips you will learn:

  • Use Active Listening Skills. Active listening means that you are listening to the other person without any distraction and your preconceived ideas. Some say active listening is what you do when you listen with all your senses.
  • Refrain from Displaying Personal Criticism. Stop yourself from crossing your arms, rolling your eyes or responding with a nasty comment. If you do this, communication with your partner will improve very quickly.
  • Be Respectful. It is imperative for partners to speak to each other with respect. They also need to talk to each other respectfully, using a tone that is not aggressive or too passive.
  • Understand First. More often than not, when conflict arises, you want to be heard loud and clear. Studies prove that when you put yourself aside for a minute and try to understand what the other person is saying first, the outcome is much, much more conducive to both parties.
  • Ask Open-Ended Questions. To facilitate better communication always ask questions that need more than a yes or no answer. This type of communication also helps you reduce conflict and resentment in relationships.

Couples Counseling near Aurora is very advantageous for strengthening your relationship and improving your communication skills. You will benefit from couples counseling from Counseling Works near Aurora.

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