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Depression is a condition that steals a person’s hope and his or her joy for living. Like most conditions, depression can range from mild to severe symptoms. Those with mild cases respond very well to positive interactions with a qualified depression therapist. If you have a severe case of depression, finding it difficult to even get out of bed, it is time for you to ask a loved one to call us for an appointment.  If you are in the midst of a crisis in your life and feel depressed, it is in your best interest to get depression counseling at Counseling Works near Aurora.

Recent studies found that 1 in 8 adults are taking some type of medication to treat depression. These findings prove that depression is a prevalent condition among adults. We are here to help and are confident that you will benefit from depression counseling. At Counseling Works, our Aurora therapists are dedicated to helping our patients with depression receive the most effective depression counseling for them.

Our Aurora Depression Counseling Services

What causes depression? Many factors can lead to a person feeling blue. Often it rears its ugly head after a series of disappointments either imagined or real. At Counseling Works our goal is to provide depression counseling services that will allow you to live with purpose once again. Our Aurora therapists will guide you through your specific issues, that are causing your depression, such as:

  • Abusive or Uncaring relationships
  • Long-term job loss
  • Loneliness
  • Excessive alcohol or drug use
  • Postpartum depression
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Serious medical condition

Do not feel like you are worthless because you cannot beat your depression. It is a condition that affects many of us at some time. The therapists at Counseling Works are here to help you find coping skills that will stick. Please call us or send us a message if you have questions about how we can help you or what processes we use.

What Happens During Depression Therapy?

It is very natural for you to feel apprehensive and unsure about what will happen to you during depression therapy. At Counseling Works, our skilled therapists will put you at ease and will develop a trusting relationship that starts the minute you meet. We will tailor your sessions for you — we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach to care for all our patients. You are unique, and we understand that concept. Therefore we will choose effective strategies that will benefit you the most.

The first session will serve as an introduction, the time when you can share what brought you to Counseling Works and what you want to get out of depression therapy. The following sessions will focus on how to incorporate effective coping mechanisms that will allow you to circumvent negative feelings before they take hold. We advocate mindfulness-based strategies and do recognize that early life experiences can shape adult behaviors and thought patterns.

Contact Us Today for Depression Counseling

If you want to learn more about our depression counseling services in Aurora, please feel free to send us a message using the intake form on our website, or call us directly at 630-281-4296. We want to help you feel like taking on the day with a positive outlook.


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