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Trauma counseling can be a very effective treatment for people who have been a victim of a traumatic event, like sexual assault, a severe car accident, extreme violence first-hand or served in a war. For many people who have victimized by a tragedy like sexual assault or other violence, the trauma never really dissipates. Many suffer reliving the event in their minds for years afterward. Many US veterans suffer from a specific disorder trauma that is called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is a mental health condition that is set off by witnessing or being part of a terrifying event. The symptoms are usually flashbacks, nightmares, extreme anxiety, in addition to unstoppable thoughts about the incident. Many US veterans who were in active combat become victims of PTSD. No matter what has happened to you, the therapists at Counseling Works in Aurora will find the most effective trauma counseling that will benefit you and put you in a better emotional state.

How will Trauma Counseling Benefit Me?

Trauma counseling will provide you with the tools you need to organize your thoughts about the event and to reduce the negative symptoms you are experiencing. The goal is to change your thinking patterns and find positive coping mechanisms.

Trauma Counseling helps clients with the following objectives:

  • To not get stuck in the event over and over again. The goal of trauma counseling is to learn how to control your thoughts better.
  • To lessen all trauma symptoms. The goal of trauma counseling is to reduce symptoms of trauma like anxiety and agitation.
  • To learn to live in the now. The goal of trauma counseling is to stay present at the moment.
  • To improve day-to-day living. The goal of trauma counseling is to go back to basics, like waking up with a confident expression and tapping into that expression all day.
  • To work on secondary issues that develop with trauma like an addiction. The goal of trauma counseling is to recognize that your addiction is a result of the trauma you experienced.
  • To learn skills that prevent relapse. The goal of trauma counseling is to determine what may prompt you to use again.

If you have PTSD or are living with the emotional aftermath of trauma, find effective trauma counseling in Aurora. Get in touch with a trauma counseling counselor at Counseling Works today to schedule an appointment so we can give you the professional help you need.

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