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When life presents you with unexpected challenges, it can be hard to find your footing. Our team at Counseling Works supports your ongoing journey towards a fulfilling life. We all have different definitions of happiness, and at our counseling center, Naperville residents can answer some of the most important questions about themselves. Counseling is a stepping stone towards a better understanding of yourself. Through this comprehension, you can better cope with emotions and the inevitable stress of life. 

At Our Counseling Center, Naperville Therapists Help You Grow

No matter what you’re dealing with, a counselor can help. There is a wide range of stressful situations that can throw you off course as you progress towards your personal goals. Counseling Works often assists patients dealing with the following: 

  • Recent breakups
  • Family disputes
  • Moving to a new town
  • Depression and anxiety 
  • Major life transitions
  • Loss of a loved one

Sometimes, we don’t feel adequately prepared to handle these difficulties, which results in stress and uncertainty. Fortunately, therapy provides many of the answers you’re looking for. It’s a powerful tool to achieve a better understanding of yourself and the people in your life. Together with one of our therapists, you can process emotions in a healthy and productive manner.

Our Therapy Services

When you’re going through a challenging time, Counseling Works is here for you. Our team serves clients in the following: 

  • Couples Counseling. Relationships are a major source of support and joy in our lives. Having someone you can talk to and spend countless moments with is an invaluable and essential part of life. However, no relationship is perfect, meaning you and your partner may encounter various disputes throughout your time together. If you are having trouble resolving these arguments, or if they happen frequently. Counseling can help you get to the bottom of your disagreements. 
  • Therapy for Anxiety and Depression. Mental health conditions are on the rise, especially anxiety and depression. We all feel nervous or down from time to time, but these mental health disorders signify a larger underlying problem. Fortunately, therapy is very effective in helping you manage your thoughts. Within several weeks, patients report an increased sense of wellbeing by having a professional to talk to. 
  • Nutritional Counseling. Nutrition is an important aspect of physical health. Having a healthy relationship with our bodies and food supports long-term wellbeing. If you are struggling to lose weight, or if you are recovering from an eating disorder, illness or need assistance finding allergen-free alternatives, our nutritional counselor can assist you. 

Our therapists are compassionate and experienced, combining knowledge of effective counseling techniques with genuine concern for your clients. We are your greatest advocates during a time when you need someone’s assistance. No matter how big or small your problem may seem to you, it is worth discussing with a professional 

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Counseling Works is proud to be a leading counseling center. Naperville residents of all ages can call our office to schedule an appointment with our team. 


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