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Life is filled with unexpected challenges. Find the support you need to overcome each difficulty at a counseling center. After all, there’s no shame in getting professional help. Often, speaking to a trained therapist provides a better understanding of yourself and the situation you face. At Counseling Works, our team helps individuals and couples through difficult life transitions. To speak with compassionate “counselors near me,” call our office to schedule an intake appointment. 

Services We Provide

Counseling Works takes an individualized approach to therapy as we help each client navigate their life’s challenges. We recognize that no two people face the same exact challenges and have the same history, so we help you with your specific needs. Therapy is a powerful tool when you’re faced with something more difficult than you expected, such as a breakup, the loss of a loved one or newfound anxiety. A few reasons people seek therapy include: 

  • Relationship Issues. While we may think of romantic relationships through an idealistic lens, the fact is that any couple can face a number of roadblocks. From poor communication to infidelity, there are many reasons a couple may have trouble seeing eye-to-eye. A therapist’s job is to provide neutral insight as an outside observer. We help couples overcome any challenge they face and move forward to a stronger bond. 
  • Mental Health Problems. In today’s fast paced, digitalized world, people are increasingly reporting feelings of loneliness and anxiety. Depression and other mental health disorders are on the rise, particularly in young people. We provide the support you need to learn to cope with your mental health. These skills are something you’ll carry with you throughout life as you continue to overcome the highs and lows. 
  • Stress Management. One of the most vital life skills is stress management. While stress can be helpful in small amounts, prolonged stress puts a major strain on the body and mind. If you’re dealing with a freeze response and find yourself unable to keep up with the demands of your job or family, talk to a therapist. We can help you learn to lower your stress levels, no matter what happens in life. 
  • Nutritional Counseling. Having a healthy relationship with your body isn’t always easy, especially if you have dietary complications. Allergies and food intolerances can make it hard to get the nutrients you need. That’s where nutrition counseling comes in. Our licensed nutrition counselor helps clients develop individualized diet plans that support your long-term goals. 

What Should I Expect During a Visit With Counselors Near Me?

Before getting started with counseling, it’s important to set realistic expectations. Just like most things in life, counseling takes commitment and work on your part. Achieving your goals means adopting a can-do attitude, which our therapists can assist you in doing if life has you feeling defeated. Unlocking your life’s potential is possible when you have a compassionate therapist there to guide you. We want you to accomplish a happier lifestyle, and we do so by being here when you need us. 

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If you’ve been thinking of visiting a team of “counselors near me,” call Counseling Works to schedule an appointment. 


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