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Are you having a rocky start to your relationship? Has something changed between you and your long-term spouse? Therapy may be the key to solving the issue. Counseling Works helps couples overcome common relationship roadblocks. Whether your relationship has just begun or has lasted for decades, it’s never too late or too early to nurture that bond. At couples counseling, Frankfort therapists will discuss your challenges and learn how you can overcome them—together.  

With Couples Counseling, Frankfort Therapists Can Help Improve Your Life

Taking steps to a stronger relationship begins with a trusted counselor. There are some relationship issues that you simply can’t handle on your own. That being said, it can be challenging to determine whether the conflict you and your partner are facing warrants the assistance of a third party. 

In general, therapy is effective for almost any challenge you’re facing, whether it’s big or small. It never hurts to openly discuss your concerns with someone else, especially if the situation is causing a rift in your relationship. Many of our clients deal with:

  • Intimacy Problems. Intimacy is an important aspect of a relationship for many individuals. If you and your partner aren’t on the same wavelength, it may lead to conflict or confusion.
  • Arguments. Disagreements are natural in any relationship, even if you’ve been married for decades. However, if you and your partner frequently get into arguments, there may be an underlying problem. Our therapists help you get to the bottom of it.  
  • Miscommunication. Relationships take vulnerability. Communicating your feelings and expectations can be frightening, but it’s essential to maintaining common ground. If your partner misunderstands something and you’re left trying to defend yourself, it may be time to consult a counselor on how you can improve your communication. 
  • Infidelity. Cheating is a breach of trust. If your partner has cheated on you, or if you have a history of cheating and want to improve your actions, a therapist is a great resource. We’ll identify the motivating factors behind the infidelity and help you repair your trust.  
  • Abuse. Domestic abuse puts an individual in a dangerous situation, whether it is physical, emotional or verbal. In this case, the victim may need to receive counseling on their own, as their safety is the priority. 

Our Therapists Are Here to Help

Counseling Works recognizes the impact that relationship troubles have on your life. We aim to help you and your partner join together and heal. You both committed yourselves to each other for a reason, and it was a decision made from love and respect. We can help you repair that bond and transform it into something stronger than you ever imagined. Our counselors listen carefully to your concerns and provide individualized advice for your unique circumstances. We handle the most sensitive topics with tact and patience. 

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Our therapists at Counseling Works offer the support you need. Relationship issues are tough, but with couples counseling, Frankfort residents can receive outstanding advice. Call us today to schedule an intake appointment. 


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