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Relationships take commitment and work on both sides. When you and your partner are going through a rough patch, consider speaking to a couples counselor in Lemont. Counseling is a powerful tool that promotes better communication, empathy, trust and intimacy, which are all cornerstones of a healthy relationship. Talk to our therapists at Counseling Works today. 

Common Relationship Roadblocks

No relationship is perfect. Many of us have unrealistic expectations of what a relationship should look like. But in reality, relationships have ups and downs, much like life itself. Maintaining healthy relationships takes mutual respect and commitment. Most problems can be worked through with the right amount of patience and dedication. 

Some common relationship roadblocks include:

  • Disagreements. It’s normal to disagree with your partner sometimes. These can involve anything, from your preferences in restaurants to political ideals. Sometimes, these disagreements may cause arguments, which can make things tense if the topic is brought up. 
  • Miscommunication. Every couple has a different communication style. If you and your partner have trouble communicating, therapy can help resolve the issue. Miscommunication can lead to confusion, accusations and other problems.  
  • Growing Apart. Relationships constantly change. The initial “honeymoon” phase doesn’t last forever, and that’s a normal part of any relationship. Over time, however, some couples feel disconnected from their partner, learning to loneliness and uncertainty. 
  • Responsibilities. If you live with your partner, you may feel conflicted about how your household duties are divided. Some couples do not balance household responsibilities fairly in relation to professional or academic pursuits, leaving one partner feeling overwhelmed. 
  • Infidelity. Infidelity is relatively common. For those in a closed relationship, infidelity is a breach of trust. The emotional scars caused by cheating can take time to heal. 

Your relationship is unique. You and your partner may be dealing with any combination of roadblocks. Know that therapy can help. At Counseling Works, our therapists work together with you and your partner to help rebuild your relationship, repair your bond and set off towards a brighter future. We believe your relationship has the potential to grow and heal, and it’s up to you and your partner to pursue that potential. 

How Speaking With a Couples Counselor in Lemont Can Help

Therapy is incredibly effective for relationships. No matter what you and your loved one are dealing with, our therapists provide the insight you need to revitalize your connection. We go in-depth into your relationship and find the origins of your disagreements, fights and isolation. Therapists provide an outsider’s perspective, which lets you view your troubles from another angle. This is often an effective strategy for problem-solving. Additionally, our therapists can implement strategies to help you improve your communication, so in the future, you and your partner can learn to settle the bumps together. 

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Counseling Works provides support for couples going through a rough time. Our couples counselor in Lemont will help you and your partner work towards a healthier, stronger relationship. Call us today to schedule a therapy session. 


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