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Couples Therapy Near Me

Relationships take time and energy to maintain. If you feel that you and your partner have drifted apart, know that therapy can rekindle your relationship. Counseling Works delivers exceptional therapy services for clients at every stage of their relationship. If you are interested in learning more about “couples therapy near me,” contact us for an appointment. 

Common Relationship Issues

Many people dream of having a “perfect relationship,” one usually defined as free of conflict. In reality, no relationship is perfect, whether it’s romantic or otherwise. Occasional arguments are natural between most individuals since we don’t always agree with everyone all the time. That being said, there are instances in which a relationship is struggling due to an underlying issue. 

Our therapists have assisted clients through a broad range of relationship roadblocks, and a few of the most common ones include: 

  • Communication. A relationship with poor communication can lead to frustration and unfulfilled needs. You and your partner misinterpret each other’s intentions since they aren’t always clear. Communication requires empathy, and by taking the time to fully share your thoughts without reserve, you can deepen your connection and better address their needs. 
  • Lack of Support. In a healthy relationship, both partners provide mutual support for the other’s interests and ambitions. Understandably, it hurts if your partner doesn’t provide the support you need. 
  • Finances. Once the reality of a marriage or long-term relationship hits, you will likely encounter challenges related to the practical parts of life: paying bills, saving money and other financial matters. Disagreements related to money can put immense pressure on you and your partner. 
  • Infidelity. Cheating is a major hurdle in a relationship and can lead to irreversible damage. The goal of therapy is to repair trust and rekindle your bond after delving into what may have led to the infidelity. 
  • Growing Apart. It’s normal for the initial strong feelings of a relationship to mellow out years into your partnership. However, if you feel like you and your partner share nothing in common anymore, it’s a sign that you may need to revisit certain aspects of your bond. 

Don’t worry if you and your partner have trouble sorting your matters out alone. Couples therapy is an excellent place to start. We can help you remember what brought you together in the first place.

Couples Counseling Uncovers Your Relationship’s Foundation

Couples counseling is an opportunity to uncover your triumphs and struggles. Our environment is a safe space where you and your partner can discuss anything that you’re dealing with, so you can openly speak your mind. A counselor serves as a mediator of sorts, so even if things get heated, don’t worry. Our skilled therapists will direct the conversation down a productive, amicable path so you can fully explore every avenue. 

Contact Us Today to Get Started With “Couples Therapy Near Me”

Counseling Works is committed to all of our patients. We are ready to help you and your partner work through your challenges and become stronger on the other side. To learn more about the benefits of “couples therapy near me,” contact our office. 


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