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Depression Counseling Near Me

For some individuals, however, these feelings linger for longer than expected, or may interfere with daily life. If you can’t seem to pick yourself up off the ground, Counseling Works is here to help. We provide support for those dealing with depression. Therapy is often successful for those dealing with a prolonged low mood, so if you’re searching for “depression counseling near me,” we encourage you to talk to our team to learn more. 

What is Depression, and What Are the Symptoms?

Depression is a mental health condition in which an individual experiences a persistent low mood and a general loss of interest in life. Over time, depression can lead to various physical problems, too, alongside changes in how you feel and think. You may feel as though your life is meaningless, or have trouble getting work done. Many of those with depression experience:

  • Apathy. No matter how much you care about something, such as a hobby, holiday or career, it no longer feels satisfying. You may have a lack of positive feelings towards something you once loved. 
  • Changes in Appetite. Many individuals with depression experience appetite changes, which may include eating too little or too much. 
  • Feelings of Hopelessness. Depressed people commonly have negative thoughts about themselves or the situation they are in. They may perceive these thoughts as objective facts, rather than as feelings. 
  • Avoidance of Social Interactions. Depressed individuals may be less inclined to engage in social interaction, which can further isolate them and increase feelings of loneliness. 

If you’ve been struggling, know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Working with a therapist is often highly effective since depression is a completely treatable condition. You don’t have to fight it on your own: our therapists are ready to help you learn to manage your depression and live life to its fullest. 

Depression Counseling Near Me That Works

Our team often works with people dealing with depression. It’s among the most common reasons people reach out to us, and we’re well-versed with treatments. We know what works best for individuals, and we work hard to help you find something that is effective for you. Talking to a professional helps you actively work through negative thought patterns. Additionally, you will learn to recognize the triggers that make your mood shift into a negative space of mind. 

Counseling Works uses talk therapy to help clients understand the roots of their depression and ways to cope with their thoughts. For many, depression is an internal struggle that can escalate without proper social support. With a trusted therapist at your side, you can freely share your worries and the obstacles you face along your journey. We’ll equip you with the skills needed to understand your depression, as well as find ways to feel better. 

Talk to A Depression Therapist Today

When you’re going through a difficult time, Counseling Works is your greatest ally. Finding the right “depression counseling near me” doesn’t have to be intimidating. From the moment you call our office, you receive compassionate attention from our office staff and counseling team. We’re proud to have helped countless individuals through life’s toughest challenges, and we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to support you. Call now for an intake appointment. 


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