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Depression Counseling Near Naperville

It’s normal to feel sad or down once in a while. Life has its ups and downs, so it’s unrealistic to expect happiness all of the time. Coping with life’s challenges in a healthy way promotes better living. But prolonged sadness can indicate a more significant problem. If you are primarily sad, apathetic or empty, you may have depression. Depression is a mood disorder that impacts your ability to function. At Counseling Works, we support our clients with depression counseling near Naperville. Our therapists understand how challenging it can be to overcome depression, so we work closely with you to help you along a path to healing and happiness. 

When You’re Feeling Down, Therapy Can Help

Depression isn’t your usual sadness. Typically, sadness alleviates on its own after a situation changes or something in your life improves. Many instances of sadness are circumstantial, such as feeling grief after a loved one passes or loneliness after moving away from your family. But depression doesn’t always have a known cause. Many times, depression is a result of long-term circumstances, childhood experiences, genetics and other factors. 

That’s why therapy is a powerful tool to treat depression. Our counselors get to the root cause of your depression, whether it’s due to a traumatic experience or general feelings of inadequacy. We teach you effective coping mechanisms to use when you are feeling depressed and help you build a life that supports a healthy lifestyle. 

Signs That You May Have Depression

Everyone experiences depression differently. In general, the most common signs are:

  • Persistently Low Mood. If you’ve been in a low mood for more than six weeks, there may be something else going on that needs to be addressed. Even the smallest incidents can cause you to spiral. 
  • Loss of Interest. Losing interest in activities that you once loved sometimes indicates depression. No matter how important the hobby is to you, you can’t find any passion for it. 
  • Social Withdrawal. Depressed people often withdraw from social situations. They may find social interaction too draining, or simply have no desire to reach out to others. 
  • Poor Concentration. When an individual is depressed, they may feel bored with their life and have trouble concentrating. Their mind might wander frequently and fall into a cycle of rumination. 
  • Physical Symptoms. Depression doesn’t just affect your mood: it can affect your body, too. Heart palpitations, headaches, poor sleep, appetite changes and other physical symptoms may manifest. 

If you’ve been struggling with these symptoms, it may be time for therapy. Therapy opens a pathway to finding hope and happiness when life becomes challenging. Our therapists talk with you one-on-one and find solutions to help you feel better. 

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Depression is a challenge to overcome, but it’s possible with a trusted therapist’s guidance. At Counseling Works, our team is dedicated to helping you find the light in the dark. Call us today if you would like to learn more about the benefits of depression counseling near Naperville.


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