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Depression Therapist New Lenox

Depression can make every day feel like a challenge. While depression can be difficult to manage, you don’t have to do it alone. Counseling Works is here to support you every step of the way. With the help of a depression therapist, New Lenox patients can address the root cause of their symptoms and once again see what makes their life meaningful.   

Do I Have Depression?

Depression is one of the most common kinds of mental health conditions, and it affects an estimated 21 million American adults. Depression is more than a low mood: it’s persistent sadness and a loss of interest in daily life that’s often accompanied by hopelessness, fatigue, insomnia and weight changes. Depression affects your mood and physical health, too, and many people find it difficult to complete even the most basic daily tasks. 

It’s true that sadness is a part of being human. But if your low mood persists for longer than 6 weeks and it interferes with your everyday life, you may have a depressive disorder. Pay attention to your symptoms, and reach out to a health professional if you:

  • Regularly feel empty, lonely or sad. 
  • Do not feel excited about events or hobbies you once enjoyed or even people you care about. 
  • Experience hopelessness, worthlessness or helplessness. 
  • Typically feel very tired and “running on empty.”
  • Struggle to focus on tasks and make decisions. 
  • Have trouble falling asleep at night, waking up frequently or difficulty waking up in the morning. 
  • Experience weight fluctuations and changes in appetite.
  • Think about death or suicide. 

How Can Therapy Help?

Depression can make you feel as though none of your problems can be solved. The overwhelming sadness can significantly impact your ability to enjoy your day-to-day life. But no matter what you’re struggling with in life, therapy is an excellent tool to aid you in recovery. Here at Counseling Works, we combine an empathetic approach with our years of professional experience in treating depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Our therapists work with you one-on-one to overcome each challenge that life presents you. 

First, we will talk to you at a private consultation, where we’ll get to know more about your history and symptoms. From there, we will assign you a therapist for you to visit during your sessions. If you are new to counseling, know that every session is an opportunity to discuss your innermost concerns. Our office is a safe space for you to freely talk about anything that’s on your mind, and we want you to feel comfortable with our team. Confidentiality is important to us and is key to the patient-therapist relationship, so you can feel confident choosing our team for the therapy services you need. 

Visit a Depression Therapist, New Lenox Patients Can Call Counseling Works

If you’re struggling to cope with depression, turn to our supportive team at Counseling Works. By speaking to a depression therapist, New Lenox patients can manage their symptoms and achieve a more fulfilling lifestyle. Call today to begin. 


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