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Depression Therapist Orland Park

Depression is one of the most common mood disorders, and it goes beyond persistent sadness.  If you have depression, you may constantly feel fatigued, have a low mood and even have trouble functioning in your day-to-day life. The impacts of this mental health condition are wide-reaching and can affect the person’s social life, appetite, thinking patterns and sleep habits. Treatment is essential to maintaining a good quality of life, which is why you should speak to a depression therapist. Orland Park patients can depend on Counseling Works for treatment that works. 

What Is Depression?

Depression is a mental health condition that is marked by a long-lasting low mood, loss of interest in things a person used to love, memory problems, trouble concentrating and difficulty sleeping. While it’s normal to feel sad from time to time, especially during life transitions such as the death of a loved one, depression is an abnormal elevation of these feelings that continue for at least two weeks. Some people experience this condition in different forms, such as seasonal depression or postpartum depression. 

The most common symptoms of depression include: 

  • Lack of energy and fatigue for no obvious reason
  • Trouble sleeping, including difficulty falling or staying asleep or sleeping too much
  • Feeling sad, irritable or hopeless
  • Changes in appetite
  • Physical health issues such as headaches, 
  • Thoughts of suicide or self-harm

If you’ve had a persistently low mood, it’s time to speak to a therapist. Depression can make everything feel empty or unenjoyable, but with proper treatment, achieving a more fulfilling life is possible. Counseling Works is committed to helping our patients form tangible goals to cope with their mental health in the best way for them. Our individualized approach allows you to better understand how depression impacts your life and how you can continue making progress.

How Therapy Can Help

If depression is leaving you feeling stuck, therapy can provide pathways to a better lifestyle. At Counseling Works, our team works individually with patients to help them develop effective coping skills to handle their depression in their daily lives. We help you identify unhelpful thinking patterns and find sources of depression, such as past trauma, to promote long-term healing. Sessions last for about one hour, and it’s your time to openly discuss your internal struggles, interpersonal conflicts, emotions and thoughts with someone who understands. We can help you develop lifestyle habits that can also mitigate the symptoms of depression: 

  • Building an exercise regimen for regular physical activity
  • Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule
  • Eating healthy foods and avoiding alcohol
  • Making time for socializing and spending time with loved ones

By committing yourself to therapy, you are choosing to work through your depression, which is one of the best investments you can make. Many patients report improvement within several weeks to months of therapy. 

To Speak to a Depression Therapist, Orland Park Patients Can Call Counseling Works

Depression is never easy, but with a depression therapist, Orland Park patients can begin moving towards a healthier, happier life. Counseling Works supports you every step of the journey. Get in touch today to schedule an intake appointment. 


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