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For many people, their family is a source of unconditional love and belonging. A family is a support network that is there for you through life’s toughest transitions. However, no relationship is perfect, even the ones we have with those closest to us. If you feel that your relationship with a family member has become strained, therapy can help. Counseling Works provides a range of therapy services, including family counseling. Frankfort residents can call our office to learn more. 

What Happens During a Family Counseling Session?

Our team at Counseling Works offers extensive services. Each of our therapists specializes in a specific area of counseling, from anxiety to relationship issues. We are highly familiar with many of the most common challenges that families face, and we know how to help mend and refortify those bonds as part of a more fulfilling life. 

Whether you wish to rekindle a bond with a distant relative, revise your childraising strategy or improve communication skills with your spouse, a therapist can help. Each session involves working with one of our team members toward your goals. We build a custom strategy to help you make progress together.

How Therapy Can Improve Your Familial Relationships

All relationships require compromise, cooperation and empathy. These attributes must be mutually contributed for a relationship to work, and the bonds we have with family members are no different. Therapy can solve individual and interpersonal challenges:

  • Better Self Esteem. Therapy allows you to better understand yourself. By speaking to a therapist, you can explore aspects of yourself that you never fully considered. In doing so, you will identify what makes you who you are. You are your own individual person, undefined by anyone else. If a family member has been making it difficult for you to be your own, authentic self, therapy can help bridge the gap. 
  • Address Codependency. It’s natural to want to make your loved ones happy. But if you’re bending over backward by putting their needs above your own, your relationship may be founded on codependency. Therapy can help you recognize codependent behaviors and beliefs, and learn how to set healthy boundaries with family members.
  • Resolve Arguments. Conflict is a normal part of any relationship, but frequent arguments, especially when they go unresolved, can create issues. Whether you live with your family members or they reside far away, arguments can drive a rift between you. While even close loved ones don’t always see eye-to-eye, conflict is often draining and makes it difficult to be around the other person. Our therapists can help you explore the causes of your conflict and how to resolve them peacefully. 

In many cases, counseling helps you see your family member’s perspective. You’ll be better equipped to meet their needs while maintaining your own. As a result, you can improve communication and ensure you both work towards amicable resolutions during future disagreements. 

Ready to Start Family Counseling? Frankfort Patients Can Call Our Office

Counseling Works is here to support you and your family through our innovative therapy solutions. To begin family counseling, Frankfort patients can call us today. 


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