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A successful family unit balances each member’s needs and forms a supportive network. However, it’s normal to have disagreements and conflicts with the people we’re closest to. Even a small disagreement can have a ripple effect. If you can’t seem to move past these issues, therapy can help. Counseling Works offers the guidance you need to overcome whatever challenges you’re facing. With a skilled family counselor, New Lenox families can explore how interpersonal and individual struggles influence their relationships.  

When Your Family Needs Therapy

A family is a source of love and support for many people. The goal of a family is to balance each individual member’s needs with the entire unit’s well-being. But there are times when our familial relationships become toxic, unhealthy or distanced. In these instances, therapy can help resolve the issues and improve bonds between family members. 

A few reasons family therapy may be needed include: 

  • Adjusting to Change. Life is constantly changing, even if we don’t actively notice it. In other cases, these changes may be life-altering, such as moving to a new house or going to a new school. Shifts in everyday routines and struggles related to growing up can take away that familiar normality within your family unit. Counseling identifies how change impacts your daily life and how to accept it. 
  • Social Isolation. Needing alone time is normal, no matter how old you are or what your relationship with your family is like. But if a family member becomes unusually withdrawn, they may be dealing with a mental health condition or personal struggles that they cannot adequately communicate. A counselor helps families openly discuss these matters and learn how to best support each other. 
  • Healing Past Hurts. Unaddressed conflict can continue to affect your familial bonds, even if an incident occurred long ago. A traumatic event, infidelity or hurtful words are a few examples of situations that a counselor can help you work through. That way, you and your family can move forward together to an authentic, fulfilling relationship. 
  • Mental Health Challenges. If a family member has an addiction or a serious mental illness, family therapy can help those impacted. Addiction, depression and eating disorders are a few examples. It’s not always easy to know how to best provide for a family member who is struggling, but by visiting a therapist, you’ll gain the insight needed to support them while fulfilling your own personal needs. 

A typical family counseling session includes multiple family members. However, if someone isn’t willing to join, you may also see a therapist on your own. Sessions usually last about an hour and the number of sessions needed depends on your particular situation. During therapy, you’ll learn how to express your emotions in a healthy manner and identify rules or behavioral patterns that contribute to conflict. 

Visit a Family Counselor

If your family is facing a difficult time, Counseling Works offers the support you need to come out stronger on the other side. To visit our family counselor, New Lenox patients can fill out our online contact form or give us a call. 


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