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Families go through significant hardships at times. When your very support system becomes a source of stress, you may not know how to proceed. There are many interpersonal disputes and challenges that affect families, and when these incidents happen, you should turn to a family therapist. Frankfort patients can call Counseling Works for the support that they need. We offer skilled guidance as we help you work towards a brighter future. 

What Is a Family Therapist?

A family therapist is a licensed counselor who specializes in family-related matters. Therapy sessions may cover a range of family-oriented topics, such as parenting challenges, conflict, boundaries, abuse and more. A therapist helps patients explore healthy coping mechanisms and ways to fortify familial bonds. 

The Benefits of Therapy For Families

Many of us rely on our families for unconditional love and support. These units make up an important part of our lives, and without them, we may feel lost or confused. For some people, however, the conflict that’s present within their family causes significant difficulties. Family therapy is used to improve communication and solve conflicts. With the help of a counselor, you can pursue a brighter future alongside your family members and build more fulfilling bonds. 

There are many reasons families may choose counseling, such as if a family member has a serious mental health problem or an addiction. These matters can be challenging for other family members, so therapy can help even if the individual in question isn’t seeking his or her own therapy. A counselor can also help you work through various emotions you may be experiencing due to interpersonal conflict or strains, such as stress, anger and grief. By learning how to manage these feelings more productively, you can become closer to your loved ones. 

What to Expect

Therapy works differently for everyone. Your experience depends on your unique situation, family structure and personal history. Generally, however, there are a few things you can expect from working with a therapist. Each session takes about an hour, and they are completed within the short term. Most patients will spend up to 12 weeks working with a therapist, although how many sessions you need depends on your situation and our recommendation. 

Through therapy, you can: 

  • Explore your family’s roles, behaviors and rules to find sources of conflict, and establish ways to handle these problems
  • Consider your family’s problem-solving skills and how to express your thoughts productively
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses within your family unit

Every family is different, and our therapists are aware of your needs. We keep your goals in mind to help you work towards the life you wish to have. Even if your other family members do not choose to go to therapy, you can still make progress by going as an individual. We’ll provide the space you need to become the best version of yourself. 

To Speak to a Family Therapist, Frankfort Patients Can Contact Us

Counseling Works is here to support you. Call our office today to talk to a family therapist. Frankfort counselors will set up an appointment to help you begin making progress.


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