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Families are a source of support when we need it the most. Our loved ones are important to us, and a family can serve as a foundation for a fulfilling, happy life. However, relationships are never ideal, and that includes the ones we have with the people closest to us. From communication troubles to poor boundaries, families face a wide number of issues that deserve attention. In family therapy, Tinley Park families can overcome obstacles barring them from maintaining healthy relationships. Counseling Works provides unparalleled therapy services to help you and your loved ones move forward to a peaceful home life—together. 

What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy that is intended to resolve relationship issues and other sources of distress among family members. What makes family therapy different from individual therapy is the framework used to resolve interpersonal disputes and other matters. Family therapy identifies unhealthy patterns present in familial interactions and provides ways to replace them. 

Family therapy is sometimes referred to as a “strength-based treatment” since it looks at entire systems of problems in a family unit rather than a single person’s role. Each family member’s mental well-being affects the rest of the unit, and the relationships between each person are extremely important. Understanding how one family member’s addiction or mental health condition impacts the rest of the family makes it possible to resolve conflict and enhance communication. 

Common Reasons People Go to Family Therapy

People seek family therapy for a multitude of reasons, such as: 

  • Learning to help a child who is having trouble with school, an eating disorder or substance abuse
  • Addressing a trauma that affects the whole family, such as moving to a new city, surviving a natural disaster or incarceration of a family member
  • Suddenly losing a family member
  • Adjusting to a major life transition, including the birth of a child
  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Parental conflict and divorce

It’s important to select a therapist who specializes in family-related matters. No matter what you are going through, our team at Counseling Works is prepared to help you and your family overcome your challenges. 

Goals of Family Therapy

Deciding to go to therapy is a highly personal choice. Ideally, all family members affected by a particular matter will be present during the therapy session, although this isn’t always possible. Counseling is still effective regardless of the number of family members who join. With a therapist, it’s possible to: 

  • Develop empathy and understanding
  • Improve problem-solving that works for your family’s dynamic
  • Resolve poor communication
  • Build and keep healthy boundaries
  • Identify and address sources of conflict

To Get Started With Family Therapy, Tinley Park Residents Can Contact Us

When your family is dealing with trauma, interpersonal issues, strained relationships and other matters, you deserve a professional’s assistance to get through it. Counseling Works fully understands that every patient faces a unique challenge, and that’s true for family units as well. We are here to support you and your loved ones as you commit to growth. If you’re ready to learn more about family therapy, Tinley Park counselors at our office are prepared to help. Call today to schedule an appointment with our compassionate team. 


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