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Anxiety is a part of our everyday lives and it serves a purpose to protect us from danger by provoking our ‘fight or flight response’. However, sometimes this anxiety occurs in situations when we are not actually in danger, for example when taking an exam, or going to a job interview.

The Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety can often go unnoticed or undiagnosed as it often people find it difficult to distinguish between the regular feeling of nervousness and anxiety as a disorder. Some of the main symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Excessive worry
  • Overthinking
  • Lack of sleep
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Irritability
  • Decreased motivation
  • Social isolation

If anxiety is not managed, it can begin to cause problems as it can lead to us feeling anxious in situations when we do not necessarily need any protection from danger. This can lead to us feeling physical symptoms of anxiety such as increased heart rate, sweaty palms, going red, and feeling hot. Unfortunately, it is common that we will associate these unpleasant physical symptoms with the locations and situations in which we felt them e.g. job interview, and therefore start to avoid these situations in an attempt to avoid these physical symptoms of anxiety.

An additional symptom of anxiety is low mood or depression, and it is common to struggle with both concurrently. If you notice that you can relate to any of the above symptoms, and have felt like this every day for a minimum of two weeks then it might be time to consider therapy for anxiety.

What Does the Process of Receiving Therapy for Anxiety Entail?

Therapy for anxiety at our Frankfort practice is focused primarily on identifying and understanding triggers and causes of your anxiety and learning new coping mechanisms for managing your daily symptoms of anxiety. You will collaboratively create a practical plan and implementing the stages of this plan with support and guidance of one of our skilled therapists. We encourage collaboration in our therapy for anxiety, and encourage you to work on your anxiety outside of the therapy sessions as well to ensure it is as successful as possible.

More Information About Therapy for Anxiety in Frankfort

If you are struggling with any of these symptoms of anxiety, and you have been feeling this way for over two weeks, you may benefit from therapy for anxiety. Our counselors at Counselling Works are here to support you in the betterment of your mental health. For more information on therapy for anxiety in Frankfort, call now and schedule an appointment at Counseling Works.


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