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Teens are faced with many life decisions at such a young age. There are many obstacles they have to face every day. In addition, they are managing hormonal changes, friendship changes, and are being required to take on more and more responsibilities. As a teen, there are more pressures to fit in with other kids, excel in academics, and make good choices. These internal and external pressures can lead to anxiety, depression, and lack of self-confidence. Our Frankfort teen counselors create a safe space for teens to come to share their feelings, obtain healthy ways to navigate the emotions and give support through their struggles.

Who do Frankfort Teen Counselors Help?

Frankfort Teen Counselors help teens and tweens:

  • That need a secure space to share their emotions and feelings,
  • Learn ways to deal with depression, anxiety, and lack of self-confidence,
  • Learn ways to handle conflict in every social and academic area,
  • Transition from a negative self-view to a positive self-view; and
  • Learn the foundation for positive relationships.

Our Frankfort teens counselors take the time to get to know those they are helping and tailor the therapeutic sessions based on what you need at that moment. You will collaboratively create goals and work to achieve those goals while being assisted in learning skills to become your best self. 

Why Frankfort Teen Counselors Want to Help You

Teens today are posed with many hard choices to make, and many pressures to take into consideration. They want to fit in, be successful, please their parents, make good choices, and much more. All of these desires come at a cost. Often teens are left in a position to make a decision, and ultimately let someone down. We desire to help our teens navigate these waters and learn how to have more self-confidence while doing so. 

Frankfort teen counselors help teens learn how to have self-confidence by helping them change their mindset to see their full potential and how they can better their mental thinking to then improve their life goals and work through life’s challenges.

Talk to a Teen Counselor in Frankfort Today!

If you are the parent of a teen or tween that is having a hard time dealing with the pressures of being an adolescent, negative self-confidence, depression, anxiety, or making the transition into young adulthood contact us today to see how a teen counselor can help your child. 

Our teen Counseling Works counselors are equipped to help teens understand why they are feeling the way they are and how to manage those emotions, increase their positive outlook on themselves, gain more confidence and handle tough situations. Our counselors are licensed professionals who specialize in specific therapy needs to give you the best help you deserve.

Find us on our website, call us, or email us to see how our Frankfort teen counselors at Counseling Works can help your teen or tween work through the struggles of self-acceptance, self-confidence,  and other health concerns. 


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