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When life becomes difficult, never be afraid to reach out for support. A therapist is an invaluable source for advice and clarity when everything seems otherwise chaotic. At Counseling Works, you can discuss your troubles with a friendly, empathetic counselor. Our Frankfort therapists are patient, professional, and caring: everything you’re looking for in a therapist. We’re here if you need help. 

Experienced Frankfort Therapists

Our team of therapists at Counseling Works are specialized in a wide range of mental health needs. We recognize that every single client who comes to us has a unique background and situation. Our services cover a number of specific needs, from anxiety to age-specific counseling. No matter what’s challenging you, our counselors can help. 

Each of our therapists specializes in a certain area. After we match you with a therapist, we will set up an intake appointment. During this initial appointment, one of our team members will get to know you. We’ll learn about your background, including your history of mental health problems. Additionally, we will help you identify a few goals you’d like us to help you achieve.  

Common Reasons Individuals Seek Therapy

Making the decision to go to therapy is a very personal one. Some people hold off going to a therapist for many years in an attempt to “get over” the problem on their own. However, know that visiting a therapist is effective for many people. 

Counseling Works has worked alongside many individuals in our years of operation. Here are a few common reasons people decide to see a therapist:

  • Relationship Issues. Bumps in your relationships are normal. However, when a relationship becomes strained, it might be time for a neutral third party to step in and provide helpful insight. 
  • Support. In addition to family and friends, a therapist offers support for people going through a difficult time. Of course, not everyone is comfortable talking with their loved ones, so a therapist is a great alternative.
  • Professional Advice. Sometimes, casual advice from loved ones is not enough for a person to effectively cope with their situation, and so he or she must seek professional help. Our therapists have undergone years of training, so they can help you deal with various mental health conditions using various forms of therapy. 
  • Coping Skills. Many times, people have trouble coping with a specific situation they’re in. They may feel stuck or unsure of how to handle everything that life is throwing at them. Our therapists offer support for teens, couples considering a divorce, grieving individuals, and more.  We help individuals cope with their immediate situation and introduce ways to accept change. 

There is no right or wrong reason to see a therapist. If you think counseling would be beneficial, that’s the only reason you need, no matter what situation you’re in. 

Counseling Works Is Here For You

If you think therapy is right for you, reach out to our Frankfort therapists at Counseling Works! Our team is dedicated to helping you improve your life and instilling cognitive tools to continue progressing to your goals. Call our office to schedule your intake appointment or to ask any questions. 


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