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Grief is one of the most challenging experiences anyone can have. This emotion is commonly associated with the death of a loved one, but we may experience grief in other areas of our life, such as when missing out on a job opportunity or parting ways with a relationship. The weight of grief can leave you feeling stuck. Everyday life can be challenging when you’re stuck in a haze, unable to focus on anything but what you’re now missing. Fortunately, you can pave the way forward through grief counseling. Lemont mental health professionals at Counseling Works are committed to helping our patients work through their emotions in a healthy, productive manner. Visit our office to begin your journey. 

What Is Grief?

Grief is a powerful emotion that most often results from losing a loved one. It is complex and can include sadness, anger, regret, confusion and shock. The circumstances that lead to grief often influence how it manifests. People grieve in different ways, and it’s important to find what works for you. 

At Counseling Works, we give you the room to do just that. Our office is a safe space where you can openly discuss your grief and how it impacts your life. We recognize that during this time, you may not know how to come to terms with the loss. We can’t control the things that happen to us, but we can control how we respond. By choosing therapy, you are deciding to take steps toward the happiness that you deserve. Part of resolving grief is accepting what happened, finding meaning in it and identifying the value in the way the experience changed your life. With our therapists at your side, you can begin to heal. 

We Help You Work Through Your Grief

After a loss, you may feel like you need to get through it on your own. Or, you might believe that you are supposed to be sad, and that allowing yourself to feel better would be wrong or disrespectful to the person who passed. If you aren’t sure how to cope with your grief, we invite you to visit our therapists at Counseling Works. We want you to recognize that you deserve to feel happy while also acknowledging the pain that you are going through. As redundant as it may sound, those aren’t mutually exclusive. Therapy can help you work through the complex feelings that grief brings about: 

  • Shock or numbness that overcomes you
  • Feeling unsure of how you should handle the pain
  • Feeling stuck and unable to make changes
  • Experiencing physical and emotional signs of grief that impact your daily life
  • Struggling to see the good in your day-to-day life

Therapy is effective because it reveals how your thoughts and behaviors influence each other. You may feel that your loved one’s death was unfair, which can lead to anger, both toward yourself and others. You might feel guilt for not treating the person differently or recall times when you wish you could change your behavior. These thoughts are all normal with grief, and our counselors can help you manage them in a healthy way. To get started with grief counseling, Lemont residents can call our office.  


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