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Grief Counseling Near Me

Losing a loved one fills you with a sense of loss, something that you may feel can never truly heal. But with the help of a trusted therapist, it’s possible to move forward. Counseling Works provides “grief counseling near me” for those in need of support. We integrate clinical counseling techniques with compassion to help you work towards acceptance.

Do I Need Grief Counseling?

Grief is a heavy emotion, one that’s difficult to deal with. Most people are able to overcome grief and move forward. However, some individuals need help. There are times when the grief persists and prevents you from living life to the fullest. If you’re considering grief counseling, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I feel like I can’t move on?
  • Am I experiencing symptoms of depression, such as fatigue, overwhelming sadness, anxiety or a lack of motivation?
  • Am I struggling to get work done, go to school or take care of daily tasks? 

There’s no “typical” way to mourn, but certain behaviors may indicate it’s time to reach out. Anyone experiencing a loss can benefit from grief counseling. Even if you think you’re having an OK time coping with your loss, there’s no harm in discussing your feelings with a mental health professional. 

What to Expect During Counseling

Everyone’s experience with counseling is unique. Your sessions may involve long back-and-forth conversations, while others may take a more reflective approach. Regardless, anyone dealing with depression or anxiety after a loss can benefit from visiting a therapist. Counseling starts at an initial consultation, where we will gather information about the challenges you’re facing. 

After the intake appointment, you will see the same therapist once a week. There’s no limit to how long you need therapy: it’s all related to your individual emotions and progress. Some people need more time to grieve. We’re here for you when you need professional advice. 

Some of the benefits of seeing a therapist when you’re grieving include:

  • Have a Shoulder to Lean On. When you’re grieving, one of the biggest determiners in your progress towards acceptance is a support group. Having someone to turn to in a dark time provides the strength you need. While some individuals may feel reclusive and aversive to social contact, talking to a therapist can help sort their thoughts. 
  • Understand the Grieving Process. You may wonder why you can’t seem to “move on,” especially if your loved ones already seem to have accepted the loss. Our therapists can help you understand your individual needs when it comes to dealing with grief. Everyone is different, so you will build self-compassion and patience.
  • Safe Environment. Therapy is a safe environment where you can openly discuss your emotions. Our team is nonjudgmental and invites you to share all of your feelings and thoughts. 

Visit Us for Grief Counseling Near Me

Counseling Works provides support during life’s toughest moments. Grief is never easy to deal with, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you need someone to talk to. If you’re looking for “grief counseling near me,” give our office a call to schedule your first appointment. 


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