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We all experience loss throughout our lives, and we often don’t feel prepared to handle it, no matter how hard we try. Loss looks different for everyone. Whether you lost a job opportunity or a loved one, therapy can help you cope with the loss and its impact on your life. Counseling Works supports you through life’s ups and downs. With a grief therapist, Frankfort patients can explore their feelings and learn healthy ways to manage them. Call today to schedule an intake appointment. 

What Is Grief and Its Symptoms?

Grief is a normal reaction experienced after a major loss. Grief is most commonly associated with the death of a loved one, but it can also be triggered by losses in other areas of life. Moving to a new city, losing a job and other major transitions can cause feelings of grief after the change. 

Symptoms of grief can include a combination of emotional, behavioral and physical health complications: 

  • Sadness and crying spells
  • Loss of motivation 
  • Changes in sleeping and eating habits
  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Feelings of losing control
  • Increased anxiety
  • Numbness, despair and shock

Any grief requires healthy mourning and coping. A therapist can help you if you don’t feel like you can handle these overwhelming feelings alone.  

How Therapy Can Help

A therapist helps you find healthy ways to manage your grief. One of the goals of counseling is to address your feelings head-on rather than attempting to minimize what you’re experiencing or suppress it altogether. At our office, we provide a safe place for you to explore your grief and what coping methods work best for you: 

  • Practice Self-Kindness. Don’t be hard on yourself for the emotions you’re experiencing. Observe your thoughts without judgment and realize that these feelings are normal after losing something important. Treat yourself with kindness and focus on self-care practices. 
  • Understand Grief. Understanding what we’re dealing with often makes it easier to handle. Knowing what you’re experiencing physically and mentally are signs of grief can help you address them properly. Our therapists can help you better understand the meaning of grief and find purpose as you cope. 
  • Turn to Others. You don’t have to cope with grief all on your own or put on a brave face just to not inconvenience others. You deserve to be validated, and building a support system is a key part of healing. Turn to friends and family and discuss whatever you’re most comfortable with. Asking for help is important to your well-being. 

Therapy can make these steps easier. We instill the skills needed to cope in a healthy way and move forward. 

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Grief is a long journey, and you don’t have to face it alone. With a grief therapist, Frankfort patients can better understand their experiences and learn to gradually accept the loss. Moving forward doesn’t mean leaving those memories behind: it’s a matter of coping with your challenges in a healthy manner while setting your sight on the future. We’re here to help you do that: call our office for an appointment.


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