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Grief is a normal response when we lose a loved one, miss out on an opportunity or experience a breakup. Coping with the grief, anger and confusion that arises in the time after the loss can be challenging. If you’ve been unable to make progress after a loss, it’s time to work with a trusted grief therapist. New Lenox residents can turn to Counseling Works for support as they heal. 

What Is a Grief Therapist?

After facing significant loss, a person may feel depressed, numb or shocked. Grief can have significant emotional and physical health impacts, so it’s important to cope with those feelings in a healthy way. A grief therapist is a mental health specialist who works individually with people to help them explore their grief and how to manage it. 

Grief therapy is a powerful tool for managing the effects of grief, which are often overwhelming. The idea that you may never see a loved one again or that you missed out on an irreplaceable opportunity can be difficult to accept. At Counseling Works, we recognize that grief is highly individualized and that no two people have the same experiences. Our therapists use a unique approach to help clients grieve in a way that feels most authentic to them. 

Understanding Grief

Since your experiences with grief will be different than those of someone else, it’s important to understand what grief means for you. You’ve likely heard of the five stages of grief. While some people may relate to that framework, it doesn’t always account for the unique relationship a person may have with grief. The process is rarely linear, and there may be days where you feel much better, followed by days where the sadness feels unbearable. Know that you don’t have to force yourself to “move on” right away—we experience grief for a good reason, and it’s a time to step back and allow yourself to process the event that just took place. 

If you cannot get back to a normal routine within months to a year, however, you may be dealing with complex grief. Fortunately, you can find happiness once again alongside our therapists. We are committed to helping you achieve the following:

  • Accept the Loss. Before you can begin to move through the grieving process, you must accept the loss. Coming to terms with the loss is no simple feat, but acknowledging it as reality is the first step forward. 
  • Manage the Pain. Some people attempt to avoid the pain brought on by grief altogether. But letting yourself feel your emotions is important to process the event. Suppressing how you feel can only cause prolonged suffering. 
  • Adjust to Life. Whether you lost someone important to you or some other event that caused you grief, you’ll have to learn how to adjust to your new life. A major loss can upend your sense of security, but therapy can help you find peace in your new routine. 

Ready to Speak to a Grief Therapist? New Lenox Residents Can Depend On Us

If you’re struggling to accept a loss, Counseling Works is here to support you. If you’re ready to speak to a grief therapist, New Lenox residents can call our office to book an intake appointment.


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