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At Counseling Works, we are dedicated to helping our patients overcome life’s toughest moments. Whether you’re at a low point or simply want to learn more about stress management, our compassionate team is here to help. We provide group therapy sessions on anxiety, mindfulness and other mental health topics. We want clients to explore life’s challenges and discover healthy ways to cope with them, and discussing these ideas in a group setting can be highly rewarding. To learn more about group therapy, Aurora residents can call our office to speak with a team member.   

What to Expect at Group Therapy

A group therapy session involves mental health specialists that work alongside a group of individuals. Counseling Works hosts group therapy sessions that you can book an appointment for ahead of time. These sessions are typically done as single appointments, and are like an interactive seminar. Some activities include guided meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and more. The session acts as a springboard for people to learn healthy coping habits that they can integrate into their daily lives. 

Group therapy is educational since you’ll learn in-depth information on a specific topic. Many clients report great success at these sessions, and it gives you a chance to meet others dealing with similar challenges. Overall, it’s an eye-opening experience that is beneficial to anyone dealing with stress, anxiety or depression. 

Why Choose Counseling Works?

Therapy offers many benefits to people who feel stuck. There are many obstacles that may be preventing you from reaching a happier life, and our team can help you overcome them. Whether you need group therapy or individualized attention, our team provides what you need. We are experienced in a range of counseling services: 

  • Anxiety. Managing stress can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the coping skills needed. By meeting with one of our counselors, you can discuss your worries and learn effective stress management skills that help you function in your day-to-day life. 
  • Nutrition Counseling. Everyone deserves to have a healthy relationship with their body. Whether you’d like to manage your weight, learn to eat healthier or need alternatives to suit a food allergy, our nutritionist can help. 
  • Couples Therapy. We also work with couples who are facing relationship issues. Marriage and romantic relationships can be a source of stress in your life. You and your partner can visit a therapist together to openly discuss your problems in a safe environment. Having a neutral, outside third party provides a unique perspective to the situation. 

Our team genuinely cares for each individual client. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, as we want to help you live a life you are proud of. No matter how big or small your problem may seem, counseling is often a great choice. 

If You Are Interested in Group Therapy, Aurora Patients Can Call Our Office

Group therapy offers a world of benefits and opens new pathways to a more fulfilling life. Counseling Works is dedicated to providing the highest quality of group therapy. Aurora residents can depend on us for outstanding service and dependable advice. Take steps forward with our team by calling us to learn more. 


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