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Unfortunately, therapy, counseling, and psychological services are often stigmatized as something that’s only necessary for those with “problems,” those who are mentally ill, or those who cannot cope with day-to-day life. Sadly, this is a huge mischaracterization of what therapy is, who it’s intended for, and who can benefit from spending time with a therapist.  

The truth is that all individuals, both those with diagnosable mental illnesses and those who are merely dealing with the stress of everyday life, can benefit from individual therapy. Aurora, Illinois therapists at Counseling Works are available to help individuals understand the source of their stress and anxiety, develop strategies that work for navigating stressors and relationships, and learn how to get to the very best version of themselves as possible.

The Benefits of Individual Therapy Aurora

There are many different outlets for stress relief and many different ways that a person can cultivate a healthy relationship with the world around them. To be sure, things like exercise, mindful breathing, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining a close relationship with family and friends are all positives that contribute to happiness; however, working with a therapist is a unique experience that cannot be simulated. Indeed, when you work with a counselor and pursue individual therapy, you have the opportunity to engage in a unique, neutral relationship with another person with whom you have no personal history. What’s more, this person is a professional who understands how the brain works and can help you to understand your feelings and experiences, as well as how to gain a new perspective.

When you work with our individual therapists in Aurora, you can benefit from:

  • Enhanced coping skills;
  • Defining personal goals and a roadmap for achieving those goals;
  • Enriched quality of life;
  • Understanding of how early life experiences influence adult perceptions and values;
  • Identification of limiting tendencies and belief patterns;
  • More self-awareness;
  • Learning how to make decisions based on rational intentions rather than emotions alone; and
  • More.

Our goal is to help you to better yourself and obtain the tools that are necessary for navigating life in all of its complexities.

Individual Therapy Can Help

Whether you just need someone to talk to about your relationships, your feelings, your anxiety or depression, or your job, or you are struggling with serious mental health issues that are affecting your everyday life and the overall quality of your life, individual therapy can help. You are not alone, and you do not have to accept your current state as your long-term reality. Rather than just shrugging your problems off or letting feelings bottle up inside, you can deal start dealing with your emotions effectively and productively today.

Call Our Aurora Counselors for Individual Therapy Today

Reaching out to a therapist for the first time can be intimidating. When you call our counselors for individual therapy, our team will guide you through getting started. We know how sensitive these matters can be, and always protect your confidentiality. Our therapists are certified and experienced – call today to get started.


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