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Therapy is a rewarding experience. Through individual therapy, Naperville residents can nurture their internal wellbeing. Having a mental health professional, you can discuss your everyday worries with helps you become more self-aware and become the person you want to be. Counseling Works provides the environment to do just that. Our supportive therapists are here for you every step of the way. No matter what your challenges are, we are here to help you overcome them and thrive. 

With Individual Therapy, Naperville Residents Will Thrive

 There are several reasons you may decide to visit a therapist. Some individuals want to develop a better understanding of their emotions, while others are recovering from trauma. No matter what they are, your reasons are valid, and you deserve unwavering support along your journey to a more fulfilling life. 

Here’s what you can get out of counseling: 

  • Learn Healthy Coping Skills. One of the most important skills you’ll ever learn is how to deal with hardship. Coping with unexpected challenges and losses will help you handle uncertainty and progress towards the future with confidence. It’s not always possible to prevent certain things from happening, but you’ll be prepared. 
  • Identify Strengths. Many people with low confidence can benefit from speaking to a therapist. A therapist acts as an objective voice when your emotions are making you feel inadequate or insecure. You’ll identify strengths and use positive affirmations to build self-worth. 
  • Accept Change. It’s common to feel nervous when faced with change. Life transitions, whether it’s moving to a new town or having a child, can make you as nervous as you are excited. A therapist can help you explore your emotions, both positive and negative, and help you adjust to your new way of living. 
  • Stress Management. Stress is incredibly common, and nearly 20% of adults have anxiety disorders. Yet, most of these individuals never receive help. Counseling is highly successful in easing your symptoms and helping you discover a life not bound by fear. 

There are many more benefits to therapy, such as building stronger relationships with those around you, developing a healthier connection to food, and coping with grief. We have therapists that specialize in different areas, so we will help you find the right match during the intake appointment.  

Choose Counseling Works When You Need Unconditional Support

No matter what you’re dealing with in life, things are often easier when you have someone at your side. Don’t go through life’s challenges alone: we are here to guide you to a better outcome. Our therapists are trained to handle all kinds of roadblocks, from mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety to new moms dealing with postpartum sadness and uncertainty. We are your biggest allies in finding self-acceptance and moving forward from guilt, fear, and insecurity. When you look at how far you’ve come, you’ll be happy with your progress. 

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If you are interested in individual therapy, Naperville residents can contact Counseling Works to schedule an intake appointment. We’re excited to work with you on this journey through life’s challenges. 


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