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Marriage is one of the most rewarding yet sometimes most difficult relationships you will ever encounter in your lifetime. At the beginning of a relationship, the focus is solely on each other, and a couple learns how to communicate with each other.  However, over the years, other issues take up time, like careers, childrearing, elder care for parents, housework and more. Guess what? Your marriage took a backseat, and now the relationship is in need of a major tuneup.

A marriage counselor can provide the help you need. The trained therapists at Counseling Works in Lisle can work on the issues affecting your marriage, such as communication and conflict. They will help you discover behavioral patterns that are present in your relationship and how you can change or adapt them for better results.

Common Traits Found in a Successful Marriage

A successful marriage takes effort and time and is something that you and your spouse can attain. Following are common traits found in satisfying and enduring marriages:

Love — Committing all of yourself to each other in good times and bad times.

Sexual Faithfulness — Remaining physically and emotionally connected to your spouse.

Humility — Understanding no one is perfect — even you.

Patience — Allowing yourself and your spouse to become better.

Forgiveness  — Letting go of resentments that can tarnish your relationship.

Time — Spending time with each other.

Trust — Knowing that you and your spouse have each other’s back

Communication — Talking to each other about all issues — positive and negative.

Selflessness — Thinking of your spouse more than yourself.

What to Expect in Marriage Counseling

We all face relationship struggles from time to time. The professional team at Counseling Works can help you navigate your relationship issues to create better days for your relationship are ahead if you are willing to confront your difficulties and productively work through them.

In marriage therapy, you can expect your counselor to guide you through the difficulties in your relationship. Your counselor will meet with both of you as a couple and then as individuals. During the initial sessions, your counselor will identify what issues need to be worked on, and the work will begin.  You will learn how to develop conflict resolution and communication skills to improve your marriage relationship.

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