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Marriage takes commitment, patience and love. At its foundation, a healthy marriage is one where both parties have their needs met. Unfortunately, many married couples encounter hurdles throughout their years together. Whether you just got married or have been together for decades, therapy can provide the answers you are looking for. Counseling Works is here to support you and your partner along life’s journey. To get started with marriage counseling, Naperville residents can call our office. 

What to Expect During Marriage Counseling

Starting counseling can be nerve-wracking. You may not be sure what to expect during the sessions. Generally, a therapist is able to act as a neutral third party to whatever difficulties you are having. At our office, we give both of you a chance to discuss your concerns. You can be honest since our office is a safe space for open discussion. If that is difficult for you, it’s possible to go to a counselor individually, which is beneficial if your partner is not cooperating. If both of you decide to go together, we are able to help you heal past hurts, discuss infidelity and resolve parenting differences that may be affecting your bond. 

The goal of marriage counseling is to achieve a healthier, longer-lasting relationship. That’s done by increasing communication, which serves as a healthy foundation for a marriage. Being able to tell your partner your needs, and hear them in turn, is important to a marriage’s happiness. If you and your partner struggle to do so, counseling can act as an opportunity to begin better communication. 

What Are the Benefits?

If you are still uncertain about whether marriage counseling will benefit you and your partner, consider the many advantages of speaking to a counselor about your challenges. Many times, it is easier to identify problems and make changes with the help of an outside party. Neutrality can be tough to find in heated moments, so a counselor can act as a mediator. Some of the benefits of marriage counseling include: 

  • Better Communication. Counseling can help you and your partner communicate better. Openly discuss your concerns and be honest about when your partner has hurt you, whether intentionally or inadvertently. 
  • Improved Intimacy. Therapy can answer many of your questions regarding intimacy. If you and your partner face hurdles when it comes to intimacy, a counselor can help you overcome them. 
  • Better Sense of Self. Even though marriage counseling pertains to you and your partner, it can help you answer some fundamental questions about yourself and your individual identity. For instance, what do you get out of the relationship? What do you contribute? What are your goals, and how does the marriage help or hinder your progress towards them? We can help you understand yourself better. 

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Handling marriage hurdles isn’t always easy, but with a therapist, it is possible. Counseling Works is committed to helping you and your partner overcome life’s difficulties. To get started with marriage counseling, Naperville residents can contact our office. 

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