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Marriage Counseling Near Me

Marriage is thought to be one of the most romantic and timeless bonds between two individuals. Marrying someone means you are committed to each other and will be there through the good and the bad. Knowing this, you might feel embarrassed or even ashamed if you and your partner are having trouble. But keep in mind that no relationship is perfect, and most married couples will go through a rough patch. Counseling Works can help you get through it—together. “Marriage counseling near me” successfully reignites a couple’s truest bond by resolving any conflict you have and preparing you to handle future bumps in the road.  

Reasons to Consider Marriage Counseling

As the years pass by, you and your partner may find that the initial energy in your relationship has dulled. Maybe you experienced infidelity, or you are considering separation. Counseling Works is here to help you explore your marriage and what it means to you. Just like any other relationship, marriage requires time, energy and commitment—and in many cases, marriage requires those attributes more than any other bond in your life. Love is the foundation of your relationship. But an important part of a successful marriage is communication. Being able to communicate your needs to your partner and vice versa is key to ensuring both of your needs are met. 

In a healthy marriage, both partners should be able to openly express their needs. You deserve attention, comfort and validation from your spouse, and you want to provide these things to them as well. Ideally, both spouses should respond properly to the other’s request, but this doesn’t always happen, whether intentionally or unintentionally. As a result, your marriage’s foundation can be weakened. Counseling helps you mindfully acknowledge these difficulties and respond accordingly. 

What Does Marriage Counseling Accomplish?

Couples that are having a hard time meeting halfway should consider therapy. A therapist works as a mediator of sorts: we step in to ensure both spouses can share their thoughts and concerns. During your counseling session, you will openly discuss your experiences and make sure your spouse fully understands your feelings. A few topics we may explore include: 

  • Heal past hurts
  • Find healthy ways to cope with stressors related to marriage
  • Resolve parenting challenges
  • Move forward after infidelity
  • Find what makes your relationship thrive 
  • Cope with tough times

You’ll notice a significant improvement in the quality of your marriage as the sessions continue. Our therapists are trained in handling a full range of matters related to marriage, and we hope to be the team you depend on during this challenging time. Note that your partner doesn’t have to be present for you to receive counseling. We can assist you individually and ensure your needs are met.   

Call to Learn More About Marriage Counseling Near Me

Counseling Works is committed to helping individuals and couples find meaning in their lives. Marriage can be tough, and we help you better prepare for the journey by teaching you important coping skills, finding common ground and discovering your own personal identity. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of “marriage counseling near me.”


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