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Every relationship takes work, and that’s especially true for marriages. At Counseling Works, we recognize that as the years pass, couples need to reinvest time and energy into the relationship. Counseling provides the tools needed to rekindle your bond, so by working with a marriage counselor, Frankfort couples can proceed to a happier future together. 

With a Marriage Counselor, Frankfort Couples Can Reignite Their Relationship

Relationships always have ups and downs. Learning to navigate these life changes is a big challenge for many couples, so there are a number of relationship roadblocks that can impact your marriage. Every couple faces unique hurdles as the years go by. It’s not always easy to bring up these issues with your partner, as you may fear how they will react. Fortunately, therapy provides a safe environment where you can both share your concerns. 

There are many benefits to working with a marriage counselor. A neutral third party provides insight into the situation that you or your partner may not be able to see for yourselves. It also gives you the opportunity to address past hurts impacting the current quality of your relationship, and heal emotionally. As a result, you will both come out the other side stronger than ever.  

Reasons to Try Marriage Counseling

Just because a relationship has encountered a rough patch doesn’t mean it’s time to jump ship. Resilience in a marriage is produced when each spouse works together to overcome tough times. Every day, you and your partner provide each other affection, attention and comfort. When both of you put in the effort to improve your bond, anything is possible. A therapist can unlock the potential and ensure both of your needs are met. 

During counseling, you and your partner will speak freely about the various challenges that you face:

  • Infidelity. Cheating is nothing to take lightly. Trust is one of the most important components of any relationship, and when that feeling has been breached, you may be left confused and wary. Infidelity can significantly strain your bond, but with the help of a therapist, it’s possible to explore the situation, repair trust and move forward. 
  • Communication Issues. Do you find it difficult to be honest with your partner? Or, does your spouse seem to pull away rather than openly discuss what’s on their mind? Poor communication can lead to festering assumptions that impact the quality of your relationship. Yet speaking honestly isn’t always easy. A therapist can help you explore the causes of miscommunication, and how to solve them. 
  • Improve Commitment. Relationships take commitment from both sides, or else it will collapse. Improving commitment is possible through therapy, where you can find out why one or both of you are hesitant. 

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If your relationship is at a standstill, rekindle the flame by trying therapy. Together, you can explore various roadblocks and how to move past them. At Counseling Works, you can speak to our knowledgeable marriage counselor. Frankfort couples can proceed to a better future and stronger bond with the help of our team. Call today to begin.


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