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Are you and your partner going through a rough patch? Relationship roadblocks can happen at any stage of a marriage. As you navigate life together, you may come across disagreements and other issues that ultimately lead to arguments, miscommunication, and more. Fortunately, with a marriage counselor, Naperville couples can progress to a happier future. Our team at Counseling Works is experienced in resolving various marriage-related issues, such as infidelity. We can help you discover what’s at the core of your bond and utilize that to overcome these hardships. 

Common Problems in Married Couples

We tend to think of marriage through an idealistic lens. The prospect of marrying your true love and living happily together is a dream for many. Yet this often overlooks the fact that relationships take commitment. Every day won’t be perfect—occasional disagreement is natural between a married couple. What’s important is that you are both equipped with the skills necessary to resolve those matters. 

Sometimes, you and your partner may not know how to resolve an argument. Complex situations, such as those related to cheating, lying or heated fights, can break the very foundation of your relationship, which is trust. At that point, it’s important to discuss your matter with a professional. Marriage counseling is highly effective in resolving issues pertaining to:

  • Communication. Communication skills are vital to a relationship’s health. Being able to freely discuss your concerns with your partner is important to being vulnerable and working through issues together. When communication is poor, you may misunderstand your partner’s intentions. 
  • Financial Disagreements. It’s common for couples to disagree on financial matters. For instance, you may have different visions regarding a budget, leading to arguments. A counselor can help you learn to compromise. 
  • Infidelity. If you or your partner cheated, it can cause significant trust issues and ultimately cause a rift between you. 

There are many other issues a married couple may face. No matter what difficulties you’ve encountered or what stage you are at, therapy can provide solutions. 

How Marriage Counseling Can Help

If you and your partner are going through a difficult time, perspective is important. Remember that many obstacles are solvable through external resources, and therapy is no exception. There are many benefits to visiting a marriage counselor, including: 

  • Improving communication between you and your spouse
  • Understanding where your partner is coming from
  • Determining the root cause of arguments and fights
  • Learning to deal with disagreements in a healthy, productive way
  • Restoring physical intimacy and trust after infidelity
  • Accepting differences 

Often, having a neutral third party assess the situation can provide insight you wouldn’t otherwise consider. A counselor is your greatest ally in achieving the goals you’ve set out for. No matter what challenges you and your spouse are facing, a therapist can ensure you progress forward. 

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Therapy is a powerful tool in solving your marriage’s various roadblocks. Call Counseling Works to schedule an appointment with a marriage counselor. Naperville residents can schedule their intake appointment today. 


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