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Marriage is among the greatest of life’s joys: sharing your life with someone you love is an invaluable experience. Sometimes, however, marriage can be testing for both partners. While occasional conflict is normal—and healthy, even—regular fights indicate an underlying issue. At Counseling Works, we help you and your partner reconcile using proven therapy techniques. Through marriage therapy, Aurora couples can explore every facet of their relationship and determine what’s at the heart of most arguments.  

What Are the Signs It’s Time for Marriage Counseling?

For many couples, the idea of going to counseling can feel foreign. Counseling isn’t just for individuals. It’s an excellent tool for married couples that need the advice of a neutral third party. While every relationship encounters challenges from time to time, whether that’s a friendship, romantic relationship or a bond with a family member, there are a few signs that the problem may be more complex than either of you are prepared for. A few common signs that marriage counseling may be a good option include: 

  • Communication Troubles. Communication is the foundation of a strong relationship. Vulnerability takes the form of speaking freely to your partner about your concerns rather than withdrawing from them. Unfortunately, communication issues are common in marriages where trust has been breached, or for couples that both live busy lives and may have trouble finding the time to sit down and talk face-to-face. Marriage counseling provides an environment where you can both openly share your thoughts.
  • Frequent Arguments. You and your spouse are two different individuals, so it’s natural that you may disagree on certain things. However, if these arguments are frequent, severe or disrupt your daily life, it may be time to speak with a knowledgeable therapist to get to the root of the issue.  
  • Infidelity. The act of cheating is a major breach of trust. If infidelity is present in your marriage, your relationship will be strained. Therapy is highly effective in healing past hurts and fixing current problems. If cheating is an ongoing problem for you and your partner, it’s important to figure out a way to solve it sooner rather than later. 

No matter what challenges you and your spouse face, therapy can help you resolve the matter and move forward to a brighter future. Marriage takes a lot of work, so when you both commit yourselves to improving your bond, incredible changes can happen. It all starts with an intake appointment at our office. 

What to Expect During Therapy

If you’ve never seen a therapist before, you may wonder what to expect during your couples counseling sessions. Each appointment is an opportunity to discuss the issues you and your spouse are facing. Talk therapy is the most common method, during which both parties will share their thoughts. While we encourage both partners to join each session, therapy is also beneficial for you as an individual. Whatever difficulties life is presenting you with, we are your greatest allies. 

To Get Started With Marriage Therapy, Aurora Couples Can Call Us Today

Do you think it’s time to try marriage therapy? Aurora couples can depend on our compassionate team at Counseling Works for the assistance they need. Call us now for an appointment. 


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