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Being a child in today’s day and age can be tough. From family traumas, such as abuse or divorce, to bullying and school, to peer pressure and academic pressure and more, many children and adolescents suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental health issues. At Counseling Works, we believe that Naperville child therapy can be a positive experience for your child, and can help them to gain the tools they need to navigate their world more confidently and effectively. 

What Is Naperville Child Therapy?

Many parents recoil at the word “therapy,” especially when talking about a child. But therapy can be an incredibly positive and productive experience, for both children and parents. The strategy that your therapist will take depends on many factors, including the age of your child and the specifics of what they are struggling with. For older children, talking about feelings and fears, working on recognizing and labeling emotions, and learning coping mechanisms may all be helpful; for younger children, therapy may involve playing, drawing, and talking with the entire family.

What Types of Problems and Behaviors Can Child Therapy Be Used to Address?

Child therapy can be used to help a child work through a traumatic event, is helpful for helping a child understand behavior issues and how to correct them, and can help a child with their emotions and feelings. Common issues and reasons that parents decide to bring their children in for Naperville child therapy include:

  • Bullying;
  • Divorce;
  • Traumatic event (such as a car accident, being a victim of abuse, etc.);
  • Family problems;
  • Health issues;
  • Depression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Eating disorders;
  • Self-injury or cutting; and
  • Disruptive behaviors.

The list above is not inclusive; anytime a child has low self-esteem, is exhibiting behavioral issues, or sees or is involved in something exceptionally stressful, child therapy can prove helpful. 

Why Is Therapy Effective?

Both kids and teens, just like adults, often encounter problems in their life that are difficult to cope with alone. What’s more, most kids and teens simply don’t have the tools instilled in themselves to know how to effectively manage stress in a way that is healthy. While some kids will certainly “grow out of” bad habits, other times, behavioral issues can be indicative of a larger problem that should be addressed. 

Keep in mind that most of the time, therapy with a child is also a parent-involved process (depending upon the age of the child). This means that while your therapist is working with your child, they can also be working with you, helping you to understand what your child needs and what you can do to contribute to their mental health and wellbeing. 

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Neither being a child nor a parent is always easy. At Counseling Works, our Naperville child therapists are passionate about helping your child and your family develop strategies for navigating stress, relationships, and life positively and productively. To learn more about our child therapy services in Naperville and surrounding areas, please reach out to us directly by phone or contact us online for more information. 


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