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Have you been questioning your gender identity? Are you unsure of what to identify as and need help sorting your thoughts out? With the help of a gender therapist, you can find the answers you seek. At Counseling Works, we’re motivated by our compassion for each patient that entrusts us with their concerns. Living your life to its fullest may not feel possible in the present, but we’re here to walk with you on the path to a happier future. Here’s what you should know about Naperville gender therapy and how it can reduce your anxiety or depression.   

What is Naperville Gender Therapy?

It’s normal to question your gender. If you’re questioning your gender or are experiencing gender dysphoria, you may feel anxious or depressed. Rather than seeing a counselor for those mental health conditions, a specialist gives expert advice and can help you find solutions specific to your situation. The gender therapist at our office specializes in helping questioning individuals overcome their anxiety and stress. 

Gender therapy is a good option for those who feel confused or unsure of their gender identity. Your experience is unique, so you might be experiencing a combination of challenges:

  • Questioning your gender
  • Experiencing gender dysphoria, anxiety or depression
  • Uncomfortable with parts of your body or gender
  • Disconnected from your assigned gender at birth
  • Looking for a better understanding of who you are
  • Trying different labels

During gender therapy, one of our specialists will sit down with you at a one-on-one consultation. Here, you can openly discuss your concerns, experienced and questions related to your gender identity. We provide guidance and help you navigate these questions with your goals in mind while affirming the identity that feels right for you. Ultimately, your identity is yours to decide. Our team simply gives you the space and support needed to come to a conclusion.  

Counseling Works Supports You Through Life’s Journey

Counseling Works aims to be a space that’s inclusive and welcoming for individuals of all identities. We understand that discussing your gender or sexual identity takes significant vulnerability, as does talking about depression, bullying or relationship issues. Trust our team to handle these sensitive issues with patience and empathy. Our office is your safe space no matter what you’re dealing with, and our goals are simple:

  • Help you establish a clear sense of self
  • Develop confidence and self-worth
  • Feel secure and safe with yourself, with others and your environment   
  • Build a healthier relationship with your body, such as through nutrition counseling
  • Live a life that’s true to you, rather than being bound to gender roles

Determining an identity that suits you is one of many steps towards higher self-esteem. As you build your own self-worth, you’ll navigate life confidently. Overall, counseling is highly effective and sets you down a path to a more fulfilling future. 

Talk to a Gender Therapist Today

When you have questions about your gender identity, you don’t have to find them on your own. A trusted therapist at Counseling Works is here to guide you towards your most authentic self. If you’re ready to begin or have further questions about Naperville gender therapy or want to learn more about our other services for individuals facing anxiety or depression, call us to schedule an intake appointment.


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