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Working with a therapist can be an intimidating prospect at first – you are inviting someone to take a deep look into the most intimate corners of your life. However, when you and your therapist have a strong professional relationship, working with a therapist can be a life-changing experience. At Counseling Works, our Naperville therapists truly believe in the power of therapy and its ability to shape your life in a positive way. 

Why Work with a Naperville Therapist?

There are dozens of reasons to work with a Naperville therapist, whether you have a specific problem that you want insight into, are dealing with trauma, or need someone to talk to about the daily stressors of life. Working with a therapist can help you to:

  • Recognize and identify emotions;
  • Learn how to control your emotions;
  • Cope with daily stressors of life;
  • Pursue and maintain relationships that are meaningful and healthy;
  • Combat destructive behaviors; and
  • Learn more about your life’s purpose and identify goals that are important to you. 

Working with a therapist can be something that you do for a short amount of time, or something that you do for months or years, depending on your needs and goals. 

Who Our Naperville Therapists Serve

At Counseling Works, our Naperville therapists provide numerous different services that are designed to help people struggling with a variety of different issues. We work with children, teens, young adults, married couples, newly engaged couples, and families. We can help those who are dealing with depression or anxiety, stress, eating disorders, grief, post-traumatic stress disorder, relationship issues, postpartum depression, and more. In addition to one-on-one therapy, we also offer group therapy sessions, too. 

How to Schedule Your First Appointment and What to Expect

Scheduling your first session with one of our Naperville therapists is easy – you can call us directly or send us an email telling us more about when you’re available and the services you’re looking for. 

During your first appointment, there will be some initial intake paperwork that you need to complete. We will review our policies with you during this time. During your first session, you and your therapist will get to know each other a little bit, and your therapist will learn more about why you are seeking therapy, what your goals are for treatment, and what the best approach to meeting those goals will be. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions.

Each person progresses through therapy at a different pace – for some, a few sessions may do the trick, for others, months or years of therapy may be necessary. The first step is just picking up the phone and scheduling your first appointment. 

Contact Us Today to Learn More

To learn more about working with one of our Naperville therapists from Counseling Works, reach out to us today. We are here to answer any questions that you have and help you gain the tools and confidence to navigate life successfully. Send us a message or call our office to get started. 

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