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Counseling Works offers many therapy services such as depression counseling, anxiety therapy, and nutrition counseling in Naperville! Our therapists can help you develop coping skills. Each of our therapists has a specific background with certain areas of expertise so you can receive individualized help. No matter if you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder or another condition, know that one of our therapists is knowledgeable in that area. 

Naperville Therapist Offers Nutrition Counseling

If you’re someone who’s been searching for compassionate therapists who can help you improve your diet, you’ll be pleased to hear about our services. Mental health and physical health are closely interlinked. That’s why we have a registered dietician on our counseling team! 

There are so many reasons someone receives nutrition counseling. Maybe you’ve undergone a major disease or are battling an eating disorder. No matter where you are in your journey towards recovery, a therapist that’s experienced in nutrition counseling will help you adjust your diet to maximize your health.  

Benefits of Nutrition Counseling

You might wonder, “what is the purpose of nutrition counseling?” There is no universal answer to this question. Nutrition counseling depends on what your goals are, and that will shape the way your therapy sessions look. 

One fact that is common among those who choose nutrition counseling is that it helps you maintain a healthy diet. Some individuals may find it difficult to eat a well-balanced diet. Common reasons for a poor diet include:

  • Eating disorders. People who struggle with eating disorders often have a warped, unhealthy relationship with food. They may engage in restrictive eating behaviors, severely compromising their nutritional intake. Over time, these behaviors may affect a person’s digestive system or metabolism. For people who have recovered or are currently in recovery, nutrition counseling can safely help restore the mind-body balance of eating. The counseling sessions will help the individual introduce foods into their diet and make sure the person continues down a path of recovery. 
  • Weight management. Some people have trouble handling weight loss on their own and need a professional to help them along their journey. Nutrition counseling is very useful for building healthy attitudes towards food. The client might identify triggers that prompt them to turn to food, such as using food to cope with strong emotions. A registered dietician will work with the client and adjust his or her diet to help them lose weight. 
  • Digestive disorders. Many people face food intolerances, allergies, or issues with their digestive system like IBS. Since these disorders cannot be cured, the person must learn to cope with the condition and ensure they are receiving proper nutrition. With the aid of a nutrition counselor, the individual can design a diet plan that fulfills all the recommended daily intakes while considering their diet’s limitations. This will help the person have a higher quality of life. 

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Eating doesn’t have to be a struggle. Get nutrition counseling in Naperville at Counseling Works. Our therapists are happy to listen to your concerns and help you get your life back on track. Call us today to schedule an intake appointment to see which of our therapists would work best for you.


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