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Relationships all have their ups and downs. Whether you’re in a rocky stage of your marriage or you recently argued with a family member, the tension can cause more stress than you’re prepared for. At relationship counseling, Naperville residents can find solid ground and move forward to an amicable resolution. Counseling Works provides a safe space for you and your loved ones to work out past hurts and current disagreements. There are plenty of benefits to be found, so if your relationship is at a low point, don’t hesitate to give counseling a try.  

What Happens at Relationship Counseling?

Starting counseling is highly rewarding, but you may feel hesitant at first. Knowing what to expect at counseling can ease your fears and prepare you for what’s ahead. At Counseling Works, we strive to help all patients get acquainted. We want you to feel comfortable openly sharing your concerns with our team. Here’s what you can expect as you and your loved one begin counseling:

  • Starts With an Intake Appointment. The first counseling appointment acts as an information-gathering opportunity in which one of our team members will sit down with you. We’ll learn about what you and your partner are dealing with, both currently and in the past. This helps us build an effective strategy as we proceed with therapy. 
  • Regular Sessions. Therapy sessions are regular, typically once a week for about an hour. This gives us enough time to review what you and your partner have faced and plan ahead for the next session. 
  • Private. Our office has private, individual rooms. You don’t have to worry about anyone overhearing the conversation. Likewise, therapy is confidential, and what is said between you and the counselor stays secret from anyone else. The only exception to this rule is if you or your partner is in danger, such as in instances of abuse, which we will have to report. 
  • Effective. Counseling has a high success rate. Many couples who go to therapy report happier marriages and a stronger relationship after weeks of appointments. Stay diligent, and you and your partner can work towards a happier future together. 

Our therapists make starting counseling a stress-free process, so get started by calling us today. 

Benefits of Relationship Counseling

Counseling is effective for disputes present in all kinds of relationships, including romantic ones, marriages, friendships and familial bonds. There are many benefits associated with relationship counseling, including: 

  • Provides insight into your feelings about a relationship, its effect on your life and what you contribute
  • Helps you overcome relationship roadblocks and find a path to a happier future with fewer fights and better communication
  • Deepens connection and intimacy with the other individual by helping you learn to be vulnerable and open with them
  • Promotes self-growth and individual awareness as you navigate the relationship

With Relationship Counseling, Naperville Couples Can Move Towards a Happier Future

Counseling Works offers relationship counseling. Naperville residents can turn to our team when they need support through a rocky place in their relationships. If you’d like to begin, please call our office to schedule an intake appointment. 


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