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Learning to cope with emotionally tolling situations in life takes time. This is especially true when these conflicts affect how someone behaves or reacts to external stimuli. Traumatic situations may lead to PTSD, which can manifest as physical, social, or emotional changes. Conquering trauma and PTSD can be a complex process that may benefit from trauma counseling. An experienced, welcoming therapist, like those at Counseling Works, is always here to support you.

What is Trauma & PTSD?

Trauma is a psychological and emotional response to a situation that leads to distress and often feelings of a lack of security. Events that induce trauma may cause feelings of shock and denial, which can be displayed differently in each case. From trauma, a disorder called PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, can develop. PTSD is psychological because it develops from a direct reaction to trauma by causing a physiological effect. The body will release adrenaline, a type of stress hormone that typically causes a “fight or flight” response of erratic emotions and behavior, as well as fear. This disorder often overwhelms the sensory system in the body and prevents typical neurological processes from occurring. Overcoming PTSD is a complex process that requires knowledge of the inner workings of the mind and body. Learning to manage your PTSD is a difficult task. A clinician at Counseling Works will listen, learn, and support you as you navigate your trauma.

Symptoms of Trauma and PTSD

Both trauma and PTSD symptoms differ from person to person. This is because physical and emotional manifestations of stress are highly unique. In response to trauma, a person may emotionally experience fear, grief and sadness, anger, shame, confusion, and shock. Physically, this can lead to dizziness, increased heart rate, insomnia, appetite changes, and physical pain. As trauma progresses into PTSD, symptoms may change or potentially worsen. For example, you could experience flashbacks or nightmares about the trauma, feel emotional avoidance towards people you know or love, and feel heightened arousal.

The timeline in which you may experience symptoms of trauma varies, but many people have an initial onset of symptoms, followed by their further development as time goes on.

Managing Trauma & PTSD

Learning to cope with your trauma and PTSD can be complex. However, a Counseling Works counselor will guide you through techniques to manage your symptoms. Such treatments may include talk therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a type of therapeutic technique that may allow clients to understand their trauma better, recognize its adverse effects on their daily lives, and promote recovery to reduce negative feelings. Other treatment forms can also be available to you, and an experienced therapist can determine what process may work best for you.

Talk To a Counselor Today

Experiencing trauma and developing post-traumatic stress disorder can put a lot of strain on someone’s life. To start your journey towards recovery, consider reaching out to a welcoming, compassionate clinician. Those at Counseling Works are always here to guide you down the path of recognition and recovery. Contact us today to get started.


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