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Bumps in a relationship are normal, but if you find yourself struggling to keep a marriage together, it may be time to seek professional help. Counseling Works has a team of dedicated Wheaton marriage counselors who can help you and your spouse get through difficult times. We work with you towards specific, realistic goals to improve your marriage. If you and your partner are ready to get started, call our office now! 

Why Visit Our Wheaton Marriage Counselors?

Counseling Works has a long history of helping individuals and couples alike. We are experienced in a range of services, from mental health counseling to therapy for children and teens. Our therapists approach each of our clients with an optimistic outlook. We believe that therapy can be effective for anyone and any hardships you’re facing, including marriage-related problems. Whether you’re a newlywed couple looking to sort things out, or a couple that’s facing a major challenge in your relationship, our therapists work hard to help you and your partner overcome your difficulties.

Talking to one of our marriage counselors has plenty of benefits: 

  •     Unbiased perspective. Sometimes, biases make it difficult for a couple to resolve their conflicts on their own. Each partner may believe that they are the “right” one and fail to see the situation from their partner’s view. A counselor provides an unbiased perspective, helping each partner become more aware of what is happening. 
  •     Neutral ground. Our office is a safe place for both of you. If you feel like your partner doesn’t listen to you, or if fights have made it hard to communicate, counseling may be right for you. Each appointment gives you and your partner a chance to express how you feel without interruption or dismissal. 
  •     Constructive conversations. With a counselor by your side, you and your partner can discuss your problems constructively. You’ll identify places in your marriage that need improvement and create a plan that lets you mend old wounds. 

Marriage counseling is effective when both parties are willing to work together. If your partner refuses to go to counseling, you can always consider individual counseling.  

Goals of Marriage Counseling 

While every couple faces unique circumstances, many couples share common goals. Some common reasons couples go to therapy include achieving better communication, restoring trust after infidelity, and learning about conflict resolution. You and your partner may decide to try counseling and use divorce as a last resort. In situations like this, counseling is used to identify past harm and heal those old wounds. Our therapists will help you and your partner be open with each other and speak without reserve. It may sound a bit frightening, but openness is key to fully understand your partner’s point of view 

Get in Touch with Our Wheaton Marriage Counselors

Before settling on divorce or separation, speak with our Wheaton marriage counselors at Counseling Works. We can help you and your partner find common ground and rebuild your relationship. We encourage you to call us today to schedule an appointment!


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