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Couples Counseling

Relationship Therapy for Thriving Partnerships

Counseling is a great way to strengthen and improve the quality of your relationships with other people. Whether you are in a serious relationship, engaged, married, or you are a couple who has simply been together for years; all relationships need to be tended to. The trained therapists at Counseling Works are here for you at every stage of your relationship. We can help you build, maintain, or repair attachment bonds for healthy, fulfilling relationships.

Why Should You Consider Couples Counseling?

You may feel like your relationship is “fine,” so you don’t really need couples counseling. This is something we hear frequently, but couples counseling isn’t just beneficial if you’re having difficulty in your relationship. Actually, couples counseling can be beneficial at any stage of your relationship. Some reasons you may want to consider couples counseling include:

  • Building a new relationship – sometimes called premarital counseling, couples therapy in the early stages of relationships can help you move beyond the initial feelings of romantic love (the “honeymoon” stage) and into a deeper, more lasting committed relationship.
  • Maintaining healthy attachment – your relationship is pretty good, but you find yourself having some of the same arguments, feeling bored, or just “putting up with” what you have rather than seeking what you want. Couples therapy can help you to improve communication and attachment, so you can better meet the needs of your partner and learn to ask for what you need to be fulfilled in the relationship. Even if your relationship is great, couples counseling sessions can help you keep it that way. These sessions can give you the opportunity to devote time to each other and continue to grow closer.
  • Repairing relationships after injury – infidelity, sexual issues, constant arguing, lack of commitment, and other issues can injure your relationship. Couples therapy can help you repair these injuries and rebuild a healthy, trusting partnership.
  • Family and parenting – being a couple is hard, but when you bring the kids, your parents, and other family members into the equation, sustaining healthy relationships can be even more difficult. Couples counseling is a great way to work through family and parenting issues and create a more fulfilling partnership and thriving family unit.

How Will Couples Counseling Benefit Us?

During couples counseling sessions, your therapist will work with you and your partner as you discuss a range of topics – both positive and negative. The goal of these sessions is to help partners develop fundamental keys to healthy relating, including helping you learn to:

  • Communicate with your partner from an honest, more grounded place
  • Become better equipped to view your relationship from a more objective perspective
  • Gain insight into relational patterns and use this information to improve your relationship
  • Identify your triggers in a relationship and as a means to enhance your ability to relate to your partner
  • Use and handle conflict effectively
  • Transform conflict into an opportunity for understanding and growth
  • Develop the resilience to sit with difficult feelings and move through conflict with greater ease
  • Discover effective styles of communication in order to reduce conflict in your relationship

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