Therapy for Engaged Couples

Engaged Couples

Therapy for Engaged Couples

Prepare for Your Next Big Adventure Together

You have the rings and have set the date. Before you begin planning for the big day, allow the Counseling Works therapists to assist you in preparing for a marriage that lasts a lifetime. We seek to help you enrich your relationship by identifying your communication styles and skills and determining how you relate to one another. We can partner with you to establish a solid foundation that will lead to meaningful and satisfying marriage partnership.

Why Should Engaged Couples Consider Counseling?

Just about any couple can benefit from premarital counseling. Some people associate premarital counseling with religion since many faith practices require couples to complete counseling prior to their marriage. We do have Christian counselors in our office who would be happy to provide faith-based premarital counseling, but our therapists can also offer secular therapy for engaged couples. Some of the many reasons that engaged couples visit Counseling Works for therapy sessions include:

How Does Premarital Counseling Help?

Together with your Counseling Works therapist, you will work to cultivate a lasting connection with your future spouse that allows you to experience a deeper emotional, spiritual, and physically intimate connection. The process involves talking through potential areas for conflict, exploring goals, and planning for your future together. During premarital counseling sessions, your Counseling Works Therapist will:

Want to Start Your Marriage off on the Right Foot?

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