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Therapy for Married Couples

Counseling to Build a Stronger Marriage

All relationships take work, especially marriages. The therapists at Counseling Works know that, as the years go by, married couples need to reinvest their time, energy, and effort into their relationship. It’s possible a couple’s marriage needs to be fine-tuned as it has been rocked by infidelity or is on the brink of a separation or divorce. We are here to revitalize your marriage or help you repair partnerships that have been damaged.

Why Should My Spouse & I Consider Marriage Counseling?

In every marriage, there are good and bad times. The attachment we foster by responding to our partners’ needs during the most mundane times will make the good days better and the bad ones a little easier to manage. It’s all about understanding how you and your partner ask each other for connection. Every day, you ask for attention, affirmation, comfort, and love from your partner, and they ask for these things in return. In healthy marriages, the spouses recognize and respond appropriately when their partners ask them to meet their emotional and physical needs, but failure to do this, even unintended failure, can lead to a weakened or struggling partnership. Marriage counseling can help you learn to recognize how your partner asks to have their needs met and respond appropriately.

At Counseling Works, we have experience partnering with couples in marriages at every stage, and we can help you create a lasting partnership, communicate better, achieve relationship goals, and grow closer together. Therapy for married couples can help you establish a healthy partnership in the early part of your marriage, maintain a positive and thriving relationship, heal from marriage injury, or work through tough times together.

How Does Marriage Counseling Help?

Regardless of whether you want to strengthen your relationship, resolve specific issues, build or repair trust, improve communication skills, or prevent a divorce, the therapists at Counseling works are committed to helping you improve your marriage. Your Counseling Works Therapist will assist you with:

  • Build communication skills
  • Develop empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Learn problem-solving skills 
  • Improve intimacy and strengthen bonds 
  • Limit thought patterns that result in poor or ineffective communication 
  • Address and mitigate power struggles
  • Build and repair trust
  • Revisit commitment as a part of a relationship
  • Discuss separation and divorce
  • Identifying and healing old wounds
  • Challenging your fears and breaking free from painful patterns
  • Helping you develop and invent the new you
  • Reigniting your passion for life
  • Working through your relationship patterns and creating more understanding of your needs as individuals and as a couple

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