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Child & Adolescent Therapy

Helping Your Child or Adolescent Manage Their Big Feelings and Develop Resilience

When your child is stressed, so are you. Whether it’s overwhelming worries, tantrums, or difficulty making friends, it is painful to be stuck in a challenging pattern with your child. Any parent would strive to do even the impossible to help their child succeed. No matter what your youngster is going through, Counseling Works is here to help. We provide comprehensive therapy services for children ages 6 and up. Our therapists employ a range of non-medical techniques: helping your kid and adolescent deal with their inner conflicts and be able to handle stress in a healthier way.

Why Children or Adolescents Visit us for Counseling

Children and adolescents, just like adults, experience stress. Many everyday stressors, school or family-related, can interfere with their happiness. Sending your child to a therapist can change the way they think and feel and consequently avoid troubling behaviors in the future. Some of the reasons a parent would want to send their child or adolescent to us for counseling include:

  • Drop in performance or academic pressure
  • Transition readiness ( e.g., changing schools, moving to a new city)
  • Death of a loved one
  • Having mental health issues
  • Experiencing abuse or neglect
  • Bullying and other peer issues
  • Divorce and family adjustment problems
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Unexplained behavioral changes, acting out
  • Difficulty interacting socially

How Counseling For Children and Adolescents Helps

Each of our counseling sessions is specifically designed to meet your child’s needs. Their therapist will first identify the issues your child is struggling with, discuss initial recommendations, and give actionable advice. We believe there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapy; every child is different and has different needs. For example, talk therapy can be limiting when working with young kids. We incorporate expressive strategies such as art therapy to give children plenty of room to communicate. Therapy with adolescents is often a combination of talk therapy and age-appropriate games and activities. Our therapy sessions are designed to help your child:

  • Change unhealthy habits
  • Make progress towards their goals
  • Understand and express their feelings and thoughts
  • Boost academic performance
  • Cope with difficult emotions
  • Overcome loss of motivation
  • Work through the stress of family conflict and divorce
  • Navigate peer-related issues

Ready to Help Your Child or Adolescent Get their Power Back?

Don’t wait for your child or adolescent to spiral out of control. We understand you want your child to thrive, and we are ready to help make that happen. Reach out to us today.

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