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College Students & Twenty-Somethings

Helping Young Adults Take the Right Steps on the Journey to Their Best Lives

You are finally an adult. You are on your own but it’s just not what you thought. You go from one extreme to the next: feeling powerful yet powerless, experiencing love yet feeling lost, connected yet isolated and unsure. You don’t know what is going on as you go from one emotion to the next, but somehow, the pendulum of life seems to swing you from one extreme to the next. Does this yo-yoing of emotions make you feel confused, hopeless and lost? Such is the way for college students and twenty-somethings as they navigate through the demands of establishing a life for themselves. Our therapy approach at Counseling Works offers you a supportive, non-judgmental environment in which to work through the challenges of your personal evolution as an adult.

Why College Students & Twenty-Somethings Visit us for Counseling

The college years and twenties are filled with change and growth. There are big transitions, career pressures, changing family dynamics, and other issues that make it difficult to get through a day without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. It’s no surprise that many twenty-somethings find themselves having a tough time. Some of the specific reasons that young adults visit us include:

How Therapy for College Students & Twenty-Somethings Helps

The therapy services at Counseling Works provide you with the practical tools and guidance you need to define who you are, so you can be successful. Counseling Work therapists assist college students and twenty-somethings with:

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