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Divorce Counseling

Therapists To Help You Before, During Or After A Divorce

Throughout life, married couples encounter unexpected challenges. When these challenges prove too detrimental to the relationship, you and your spouse may opt for a divorce. Ending a marriage can make you feel anything from relief to uncertainty, and the therapists at Counseling Works are here to support you. If you’ve recently been through a divorce or are currently going through one and need guidance, our compassionate team is just a call away.

The Effects of Divorce

Divorce is a stressful process. Not only are the legal aspects sometimes challenging to comprehend, but it strains you emotionally. Even the most amicable divorce can lead to stress. The idea of starting a new life for yourself may seem overwhelming, and you may not know what direction to take. Each divorce is different, but no matter what you are going through, a therapist can help. 

After a divorce, you might be in a difficult or uncertain situation. Many divorced people find themselves in a tough spot financially, especially if their partner provided the main financial support for their family. In other cases, you may have been a victim of physical or emotional abuse, infidelity, or another traumatic incident. These challenges can make you feel confused or lost. The emotional effects of divorce include:

  • Guilt: Guilt is a complicated emotion. Self-blame is common after a divorce. You may wonder what you could’ve done differently in the marriage and ruminate over past mistakes. You may blame yourself for the outcome rather than acknowledging the shared responsibilities.
  • Grief: When you get divorced, you aren’t just separating from a spouse. You may have less contact with family members or friends connected to your spouse, which can lead to grief. You may also grieve over the time lost to an unhealthy or abusive marriage.
  • Sadness: Ending a relationship, even if it’s the right decision, is often challenging. It’s natural to feel sad or lonely after a marriage is terminated.

Counseling Works Supports Those Facing a Divorce

Adjusting to these changes and coping with these emotions in healthy ways is possible. Therapy unlocks the path to a happy life after a divorce. At Counseling Works, our team works with clients going through a divorce. Whether you are newly divorced or just beginning the process, we provide insight into your situation. You will sit down with one of our counselors and talk confidentially about your divorce and the challenges it is causing. A counselor can help you understand what you are going through, how to cope, and how you can eventually move forward.  

Work Through Your Divorce With a Trusted Therapist 

If you’re going through a divorce, you don’t have to do it alone. Counseling Works is dedicated to helping our clients work towards a happier life. We understand the impact a divorce has on your life, and no matter what life sends your way, our team is here to help. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, call us today and complete the online intake form.


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